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10% Off Your First Order with Code FIRST10. Shop Now


Event Attendee Gifts


Our client has an ongoing series of leadership seminars and events across the United States. They have repeatedly requested attendee gifts with a meaning specific to the location of each event to make all guests feel welcomed and excited. 


  • For the past 5 events, we have partnered with Accenture to curate multiple distinct gifts unique to location and theme of the event. For instance, a New York event would feature NY-based vendors, causes, or themed items. 
  • Gifts would be delivered in advance to the hotel room of each attending employee with a personalized greeting message on the included card.


  • The seminars were a great success, with all gifts arriving on time in spite of often short notice. 
  • With strong positive reception, clients continue to use Packed with Purpose gifts to help curate a unique local experience and reaffirm their values.