Ancient Provisions

Ancient Provisions reimagines your favorite snack foods using ingredients that are good for your body and for the planet. Utilizing green banana flour as a replacement for traditional wheat flour, Ancient Provisions is an industry pioneer, creating gut health-friendly snacks that are both wholesome and delicious. 

Founder Alex Duong grew up in a household where food was a central part of his life. He learned and experienced the power of food to unite people regardless of class, creed or age. Alex spent a decade exploring where he wanted to work in food (farms, nonprofits, teaching gardens, retail, or eCommerce) and how he could use food to impact the world.

His extensive experience led him to reinvent childhood favorites and comfort foods, with sustainable, vegan, allergen-free, gut-friendly ingredients.  Today, Ancient Provisions focuses on using gut-friendly green banana flour to create tasty snacks, while supporting and growing with banana farmers. This reinvention is not only delicious, but by using discarded green banana peels, this AAPI-owned purveyor provides food that is upcycled, healthy, sustainable, and improves the supply chain so that everyone benefits.