BADALA was started when founder Joelle McNamara, a restless and passionate highschooler, was struck with the realization that people were dying by the millions simply because they didn’t have enough to eat. When she first traveled to Africa she befriended women who were prostituting themselves just to feed their children. Instead of asking for handouts, everyone she met was looking for opportunities. BADALA’s line of housewares, jewelry and accessories was born out of this request for employment. Since launching in Kenya, they have since expanded their employment programs to women and artisans across East Africa, Central America, and domestic sex trafficking survivors. The houseware products sourced for our Packed with Purpose gifts not only provide employment and financial independence for women survivors of trafficking, they are also made with sustainably sourced wood from the region. Each BADALA product you enjoy provides an opportunity to support women in their journey to overcome poverty and sex trafficking.