Big Spoon Roasters

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Big Spoon’s philosophy about food is based on the belief that food matters. It matters to our health, our happiness, and the well-being of our planet. Food should be delicious, nutritious, and good for all those involved in producing it. For us, cooking and sharing food with others is a great joy.

A lifelong peanut butter lover, our co-founder Mark first tried making his own in 1999 while living in a rural farming community in Zimbabwe, where he was a Peace Corps Volunteer. After harvest, community members would roast peanuts over open fires and pound them with stones into a thick paste, which was usually added to savory dishes. In an attempt to replicate the classically sweet, salty, and spreadable peanut butter from home that he craved, Mark made his own batches with the additions of honey, sea salt, and coconut oil. The deliciously fragrant, mouthwatering result was a revelation that the best foods are often the simplest, made with fresh ingredients, care, and craft.

In the fall of 2010, Mark was inspired to recreate that unforgettable peanut butter experience he had in Africa. He started roasting nuts and milling them into fresh nut butters in his home kitchen. Excited to share these foods with others and turn these passions into a business, Mark and his wife, Megan, started Big Spoon Roasters in January 2011.

By simply by doing what we love, we’ve created numerous product innovations. To name a few, we were the first business to include chai spices, cocoa nibs, crystallized ginger, freshly toasted coconut, and citrus into nut butter recipes. We were also the first to offer membership clubs, and are the only nut butter maker, to our knowledge, with a fully transparent supply chain.


We take great pride in these innovations but strive to be the best (not just the first) with each batch of nut butters and bars we create. Believe it or not, it’s also innovative for a food business to source ingredients from only trusted, transparent farms and producers who share their values. We are honored to work with a family of like-minded organic growers and food producers who are collectively motivated by growing the demand for higher quality, sustainable agriculture.