Fairytale Brownies

Kids playing excitedly in a sunny playground

Founded nearly 20 years ago by childhood friends Eileen and David, Fairytale Brownies are incredibly delicious, and they give back to a unique cause. These brownies are crafted with the secret family recipe and made with the finest Kosher ingredients. All flavor varieties include Belgian chocolate, creamery butter, and fine cake flour, and none of these products include preservatives or artificial colors. Fairytale Brownies donates a portion of proceeds to KaBOOM!, a national nonprofit working to build more playgrounds and playspaces for children living in poverty across the country. Eileen and David met on a playground when they were just young kids, and they are thrilled to give back to kids in need who otherwise may not have safe, easy access to community play spaces. Fairytale Brownies has donated $300,000 to KaBOOM! so far.