Greyston Bakery

Since 1982, Greyston Bakery has practiced and promoted Open Hiring™, a model that creates thriving communities and lifts the hard-to-employ from poverty to self-sufficiency. This open-door policy offers employment opportunities regardless of education, work history or past social barriers like incarceration, homelessness or drug use. As the business grew, so did its mission: today it provides housing, health services, childcare, workforce development training and more for bakery workers.

Greyston Bakery responds to the ever-changing needs of more than 2,000 Yonkers residents every year, and you can be a part of this success story when you treat your friends and family (and yourself!) to delicious Greyston Brownies. Any one of their decadent flavors—chocolate fudge, brown sugar or snickerdoodle—will leave you yearning for more.