Kodiak Cakes

Kodiak Cakes began in 1982 when Penny Clark sent her 8-year-old son into the neighborhood with a red wagon full of paper bags that were filled with her father’s heirloom flapjack mix and simple cooking instructions written on the bag. He returned with an empty wagon, and the family business was born. Nearly 40 years later the company remains family-owned and  is committed to preserving and sustaining our ecosystem for generations to come.

Based in the shadow of the beautiful Wasatch mountain range in Utah, Kodiak Cakes not only creates wholesome, protein-rich snacks and baking mixes, they partner with three organizations to help conserve our natural environment and preserve grizzly bear habitats and other vital pockets of wilderness.. Kodiak helps support Vital Ground, Park City Trail Series, and Bonanza Flat Conservation Area through donations from proceeds, sponsorships, and more. Taste their protein (and flavor) packed honey and cinnamon bear bites in our Individually Wrapped Goodies and Healthy Snacks, Petite gifts, and more.