Ruckus Entrepreneurs

Ruckus Entrepreneurs offers training and leadership opportunities to urban youth who have an interest in working with an exciting, environmentally progressive business. Ruckus teaches them how to develop, produce, and distribute teen-made body care products through a unique, socially conscious business model. These teens learn financial literacy and 21st-century skills, while also building their confidence and aspirations to effect social change.

Through hands-on experience working in the gardens, handling customer service, and budgeting for the business, they gain a sense of collaboration, adaptability, and innovation that helps them thrive in adulthood. Moreover, Ruckus includes a “Buy One, Give One” twist: For every product purchased, the company donates the same item to an organization helping those in need, and all profits and donations go back into growing Ruckus Entrepreneurs.

Packed with Purpose customers can select from Ruckus’ line of chemical- and preservative-free lip balms, all of which are teen-crafted using teen-grown herbs, natural oils, and local beeswax. With enticing flavors like Raging Red, Pearapalooza, It’s Mint Thyme, Chappaccino, Mango Tango, and Pink Pucker, Ruckus is a must-have.


paid teen internships offered every year


soap products developed since starting in 2010