Trade Street Jam Co.

Owner Ashley Rouse cooks jam and is enchanted by the delicious smell

After graduating culinary school and working in food service and food marketing for over a decade, Ashley Rouse decided to channel her expertise and creativity into one thing: jam. Gourmet jam, to be specific.

What started as an Etsy endeavor run out of Ashley’s small North Carolina apartment is now Trade Street Jam Co., a booming Black- and woman-owned business cooking up jams that pack a major flavor punch. Trade Street jams are not your average jams that come in unique flavors and are carefully crafted with 100% vegan ingredients. Ashley’s signature flavors include originals like plum rose, smoked peach, and mulled merlot. All of Trade Street’s jams are prepared in small batches, ranging from 300500 jars per batch, ensuring a high quality, strongly flavored product.

We are proud to include these scrumptious jams in our Gourmet Dinner Party and Nut-Free & Vegan Healthy Delights gifts.

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