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Save 10% On Your Holiday Order of $1000+. Reserve with 50% Deposit by 10/1. Shop Now

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Win Employee Appreciation Day March 3rd with Our Exclusive Employee Recognition Guide

February 1, 2023

Employee Appreciation Day

Dig into employee recognition and browse our employee gifts for the perfect Employee Appreciation Day

Given that many Packed with Purpose gifts are sent internally by businesses (as welcome gifts for new staff, anniversary and birthday shout-outs, and year-end holiday thanks) we think we know a few things about employee appreciation. But, we wanted the data to guide our customers with more specificity on what employees really want for appreciation and recognition. We’re pleased to share the results of our recent employee appreciation survey report, “How to Master Employee Recognition: Your Guide to Expressing Appreciation” just in time for Employee Appreciation Day, March 3, 2023.

Over the last few years, so much has changed about the ways in which we work and connect with each other. Whether in the office or from home, finding the best way to engage with team members is harder than ever before. However, the act of recognizing others has the power to increase employee morale, retention and productivity and ultimately create a greater sense of connection within teams. In fact, organizations with formal recognition programs have 31% less voluntary turnover than organizations that don’t have any program at all. And they’re 12x more likely to have strong business outcomes. If leaders want to drive employee, team, and business success, getting employee recognition right is a must.

In an effort to help you master recognition and better achieve your business goals, we surveyed over 300 respondents and compiled their thoughts and opinions into one easy guide

Key Highlights Include:

  • Over 78% of respondents say feeling recognized at work is either “Extremely Important” or “Very Important” when it comes to their decision to stay with the company. 
  • When asked who they’d like to receive recognition from the most, 47% of respondents selected senior leadership, more so than peers or direct managers.
  • If receiving a physical gift, 75% of respondents told us that they’d prefer a gift that is personalized to their interests and over 63% would like a gift that has social impact.

From what to do – A heartfelt message? A gift? A monetary reward? – to how to do it – be authentic! – the report is filled with employee appreciation ideas and even nuggets of wisdom in verbatim quotes from our respondents.




As we approach Employee Appreciation Day this March, we hope you are able to leverage a few of the insights we uncovered. If you are thinking about sending a gift, check out Packed with Purpose’s Employee Appreciation Gift Collection to convey your appreciation while also showcasing your company’s values. 




Employee Appreciation Gift