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Experience Impact in Each Gift

Our purpose-driven corporate gift boxes positively impact communities and the environment. The products included in our recyclable gift boxes preserve environmental resources, enable workforce development programs for those with barriers to employment, contribute to women’s empowerment, and support countless other social impact causes.

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Personalized Gifts & Branding
Our team is ready to help you select memorable gifts for clients, colleagues, and employees
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We can work with you to find the perfect products for your gifts. Already have a swag item ordered? Send it to our team and we can add it to your gifts.


For special requests, help collecting recipient addresses, or ordering branded products for your gifts, contact our friendly Gift Concierge and we’ll respond within one business day.

Grateful for Our Clients

THANK YOU! The PwP gifts we recently sent out have been a huge hit with our clients and internal team.

Amanda K | Bailiwick
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I love the package options, but most importantly I love the amazing purpose behind each box. Such a great meaning and inspiration. Whether I need a gift for a friend, family member, or a business partner, you all have a package to meet all their needs. .

Sarah C | Veracity Networks
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Our employees have been singing your praises and sharing on their LinkedIn feeds not only your amazing products but your professionalism and outstanding customer support.

Melanie H | Learn on Demand Systems
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Presenting someone with a gift is always thoughtful, but adding a social impact component makes it all the more special. At Packed with Purpose, we provide purpose-driven corporate gifts that positively impact communities and the environment.

Our products are sourced from companies that are dedicated to improving the world around them, whether by supporting the environment, employment opportunities, women’s empowerment, diversity, poverty alleviation, or many other causes. From employee appreciation gift boxes to custom corporate gift boxes for clients and prospects, we have just the gift you need to send the right impression.

Why Packed With Purpose? 

Aside from making a social or environmental impact, ordering from us comes with a variety of benefits. We can fulfill any size order: whether you’re looking to send a  large number of gifts to thousands of recipients through drop-shipping, or a smaller number of products to give away at a special event, we’ll be your trusted partner of all things corporate and employee gifts. 

Each of our gifts comes with an artful booklet that allows your recipients to connect with the stories behind our Impact Partners and the significance of the gifts they receive in each box. In addition, you can personalize each gift and show your clients, employees, and partners your commitment to improving and elevating communities both in the United States and throughout the world. 

Thoughtful Employee Gift Box Ideas 

The heart of each company is truly its people. Show your workforce how much you value them by sending gift boxes for employees that demonstrate your values and how much you care. Whether you choose practical items like notebooks or specialty food items like delicious chocolate, we have employee gift ideas that are right for every company and need. Employee gift boxes often come in handy to: 

  • Capture the attention of prospects

Many industries are highly saturated and require a little something extra to stand out against the competition. At Packed with Purpose, you’ll find corporate gift boxes for employees that impress, capture, and retain the attention of your sales prospects and demonstrate your company’s commitment to doing good. Plus, each of our unique corporate gifts helps build your brand awareness. 

  • Recognize Milestone Achievements

Consistent workplace appreciation is proven to form a corporate culture built to last, so show your people that their hard work isn’t going unnoticed. When you reward top performers, tenured employees, or high-achieving teams, you motivate them to stay at your company and continue to perform their best. Looking for ideas? Contact our Gift Concierge to curate an employee appreciation gift box that will leave an impression and make your employee feel valued. 

  • Celebrate Your Company Anniversary 

There’s no better time to celebrate than on the anniversary of your company’s founding. Honor your employees with useful branded products, delicious food and snacks, or surprise gifts that will make them a bigger part of your special celebration. 

  • Reward Employees on Their Birthdays

Everyone deserves to be recognized on their birthday. By presenting each employee with a meaningful, quality product they’ll love, you remind them that they’re valued and seen. 

  • Celebrate a Successful Year

The end of the year is a perfect time to recognize and thank clients for their business and employees for their hard work.  Company-branded holiday gift boxes for employees gives an ample “thank you” while showcasing your values and your company’s brand. 

Best Corporate Gifts 2023

Aside from offering quality products and services, there’s no better way to impress a client than with unique corporate boxes filled with meaningful products. Whether you send it through delivery or present it at an event, our list of gift options for valuable business clients or partners is endless. A quick browse through our gifts will yield a variety of notebooks, pens, mugs, cookies, chocolate, coffee, and more at a variety of price points. With so many choices, it’s easy to find something suitable for your recipient, no matter their location. Or just ask our gift concierge to help you put the perfect gift together.

Beautiful and Unique Corporate Gifts Made Easy

Not sure what your recipients might want? We can help you source a collection of products that delights them, with the option to add a complimentary message to each recipient and to brand the package with your unique corporate logo. Get started by browsing our catalog for corporate gift ideas.

Leveraging Conferences 

Industry conferences serve as an ideal place to build awareness of your brand before a large audience made up of your target market. Packed with Purpose provides you with gift options that delight recipients while creating social impact. You can welcome attendees or thank speakers while displaying your company values through unique, purpose-driven conference gifts that are a step above the norm. 

Gifting Made Easy Through Our Gift Concierge 

We understand that buying a company gift in bulk can be daunting. That’s why we have set up our professional Gift Concierge, a service to support your gifting success. There, you can get a quote or ask about customization specifications. Feel free to provide us with all your details and let us know if your order needs extra care, if you have a special request, need help to collect recipient addresses, or want to add branded products to your gifts. 

At Packed With Purpose, you don’t have to worry about what gifts to send to employees, clients, or customers because we know gifts – and know them well. If your order is intended for a single address and has no customizations, you may view our gift options online, add your choices to your cart, and complete your order right there. If you’re unsure of what to choose or have a hard time deciding, simply fill out our contact form, provide your phone number or other information, and we will call you within a day to help with your inquiry. 

Our expert team looks forward to helping you select and send the best corporate gifts.

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