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One of the keys to improving employee engagement is to show recognition for your team’s contribution. Packed with Purpose offers a robust selection of employee appreciation gifts, perfect for expressing gratitude and recognizing employee accomplishments while highlighting your company’s commitment to giving back.

Whether you want to send personalized appreciation gifts to top performers on your team, celebrate an employee’s birthday, or send hundreds of staff recognition gifts for a stellar quarter, we work with you to make it happen.

“The gifts were extremely well received! The biggest and best responses we got were that the gifts were consistent with what we stand for as a company. This is exactly what we were going for! We give you a 10 out 10, and we look forward to working with you next year.”

— Traycee

Mary O'Connor and Company

Employee Recognition Gifts Made Simple

First time ordering gifts? Wondering where to start? We can help.

Our expert team will help you choose memorable, unique corporate appreciation gifts for your employees and office staff. Learn More

We work with you to determine the best gift that will represent your values at the right budget price point, and with a hassle-free ordering process. Whichever way you want to brighten your employees’ day, Packed with Purpose is here to go the extra mile and deliver a customer service experience as special as the gifts you send.

We offer a robust selection in our catalog for those searching for the best employee recognition gifts and ideas.

We know that sending the right gift can have a lasting effect, and we can help you ensure that your gifts make it to where they need to go and when they need to be there. Looking to place a larger order of employee thank you gifts, but not sure where to start?

Our Gift Concierge is here to help create the perfect gifting experience not only for your recipients, but for you as well! Take advantage of our Address Collection Service to seamlessly gather recipient mailing preferences, customize gift contents or even add your own swag or marketing materials to the box. If you have a unique requirement for your large order, our gifting experts are here to assist you and make the transaction a smooth one.

Personalize Your Employee Gifts

Want to send meaningful employee gifts? Our expert Gift Concierge Team will help you select the perfect gifts for your needs.

  • Co-brand the gift box, message card, or both with your company logo
  • Add your own items to our curated gifts
  • Brand our gift items with your company logo
  • Include a personal, complimentary message in each box
Packed with Purpose impact booklet

Your Gift Creates an Impact

Each Packed with Purpose gift is curated to make a positive social impact. We find and thoroughly vet each and every one of our Impact Partners to ensure each product creates real change in communities across the country.

These include chocolates that create job opportunities for youth in need and roasted coffee beans that give military veterans a new sense of purpose. Each Packed with Purpose box allows the recipient to share in a variety of meaningful social movements happening in their own backyard and globally.

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Packed with Purpose was formed out of a desire to have a positive influence on the world while also realizing the value in the act of giving and building lasting connections. Gift-giving is a near-universal activity with a profound societal influence, rewarding both the giver and the recipient. The gifts curated by Packed with a Purpose spread the message of goodwill while retaining sustainability and social awareness. We want them to leave a positive impact on every level. After all, our contributions make a difference in people’s lives, communities’ well-being, and the environment by empowering women who need a second opportunity. With that in mind, we strive to continue finding the best items from throughout the United States and abroad. Purpose-driven groups craft these high-quality goods, and each tells a fantastic narrative of transformation that benefits our communities. It is an honor for us to arrange unique presents that not only delight their recipients but also provide a means for individuals and businesses to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. We also aim to address the specific causes you stand behind, to create bespoke gifts or brand staff appreciation gifts for your business; we have a Gift Concierge wanting to assist you!

Spotlight on Impact Partners

Each high-quality product in a Packed with Purpose gift is rooted in our relationships with our Impact Partners, each with their own mission to improve the world around them. We work with hundreds of partners dedicated to lifting up individuals in underresourced communities, preserving our planet’s land and waterways, fighting food insecurity, and empowering individuals through workforce development.

“Thank you again for all your help! The care packages were beautiful, thoughtful and delicious. Our team was delighted to receive such a special gift during this time.”

— Angelie


“As CEO of a marketing agency, it was important that my team feel supported during this time. Since we now work from home, sending a surprise gift was the perfect solution. I received tons of positive feedback and am grateful that we could bring my team comfort in these uncertain times.”

— Ashley

Yakkety Yak

“We’ve switched to using your gifts as our go-to new employee welcome to the team gift.” 

— Nick

Animal Medical Center of Chicago

“Our employees were delighted to receive their Packed with Purpose gifts, especially during this tough time. With a quick turnaround time, they had their boxes shortly after placing the order. Hope to use your gifts again in the future!”

— Julia



End-of-year celebrations aren’t the only time to show your appreciation at work. Studies show that year-round employee recognition is critical to maintaining a healthy and productive workplace and creating a positive company culture. That’s true for any business, from small offices to organizations in the thousands.  

Our clients have used our services to create memorable, personalized employee appreciation gifts for so many year-round celebrations. Here are some of our favorites:

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New Employee Onboarding

Impress new hires with an onboarding gift box of delicious snacks, branded products, and a personalized note to welcome them to the team. It’s a great opportunity to make a new team member feel confident ahead of their first day.

Annual Sales Kickoffs

Invigorate and inspire your workforce at the start of a year or quarter by sending everyone a branded gift ahead of your meetings. Pair a branded item with artisanal snacks and caffeinated drinks to keep the good ideas flowing and goal-setting focused. Consider giving impactful gifts as awards for outstanding contributions. Or, create a teambuilding moment by opening gifts together at a meeting, bringing fun and levity to the moment.

Personal Recognition

Send new parents a thoughtful expression of congratulations during maternity or paternity leave to show your company’s support. Surprise a colleague who feels under the weather with a message of sympathy or encouragement (and, of course, snacks). Packed with Purpose gifts are perfect for celebrating birthdays, marriages, new homes and more! Personal recognition gifts show you value the people who bring so much to your company’s success.

Professional Milestones

Recognize your top performers, tenured employees, or teams that landed that big account by sending an employee thank you gift as impactful as their contributions. Any moment that lifts your brand or shares in your success is an opportune time to acknowledge a job well done.

Employee Appreciation Day

Are you prepared for Employee Appreciation Day? This annual event occurs on the first Friday in March and is an excellent time to express appreciation to your staff. When workers feel valued, they perform their best, feel motivated, and maintain high morale. In fact, businesses that focus on having a culture of recognition are more likely to have higher employee retention and experience higher employee engagement. 

There is no better time to begin implementing ideas for year-round recognition than Employee Appreciation Day. 

Need help picking out the right way to treat  your amazing employees? Consider the You Got This! gift box.  

Encourage your team with this uplifting selection of professional wellness goodies. Entice them to take a break and recharge with a well-balanced selection of their new favorite salty and sweet snacks, like delicious chocolate-chunk granola bars and delightfully crispy pretzels. With the help of an upbeat (and brandable) stress ball, they’ll be motivated to face any obstacles head-on. 

Employee of the Month

Another great way to incentivize your staff is by highlighting an employee of the month. Select an employee that has gone above and beyond in their duties, has shown remarkable growth, or has been steadfast in upholding your company values. Reward them with a shoutout at a company event, extra time off to relax, or a one-of-a-kind gift from Packed with Purpose to show them just how much they mean to the company. It’s a gesture that will make them feel appreciated and happy! 


A thank-you present given after the fiscal year is the perfect way for a business to give thanks to their employees for all their hard work and contributions. 

Preparing EOFY staff presents is a perk that many employees really appreciate, whether it is achievement or reward-based. So, which EOFY present should you consider?

If your teams work closely in an office setting, a  creative  group gift will demonstrate to the stars of your team how much they are genuinely valued. Consider the Above and Beyond  gift basket to provide a stunning, tangible display of gratitude. This winning gift includes a gorgeous assortment of luxury chocolates, salty nibbles, nutritious morsels, coffee, and tea. Plus, this gift comes with another built-in benefit: these items support women and diverse-owned companies, and alleviates homelessness and hunger while giving underresourced women job skills for fulfilling careers.

Boost Morale in the Virtual Workplace

It can be hard to build culture and create a sense of community while working remotely, but our savvy clients love to send Packed with Purpose boxes as a way to engage their employees in a tangible and thoughtful way (and the employees like it too!). Bring your remote workforce together for a virtual unboxing of delightful products to liven up the day.

Have a great idea that could use an experienced touch through impactful gifts? Contact us to get started. We’d love to hear your ideas and make your employees’ day! 


Company gifts to employees don’t have to be boring. These days, the best gift sets are those that surprise, delight, and show recipients that their employer cares about their values, health, and well-being. Keep Reading

Many of our clients are searching for fun and unique employee recognition gift ideas that go beyond the impersonal gift card, box of candy, or bottle of wine. With a Packed with Purpose gift, you can cover it all.

Not only do many of our gifts feature a variety of delicious treats, they also come with an artful booklet showcasing our Impact Partner’s missions and stories. When you buy a Packed with Purpose gift, you’re contributing to the betterment of communities around the country and building relationships through social impact. You’ll feel great giving the gift, and your recipient will know you place value on creating a better world for everyone.