Our Story

From Our Founder

A few years ago, I discovered a way to embed the act of doing good into the gifts we give. Packed with Purpose was born out of my desire to create social impact while recognizing the importance of gifting in fostering meaningful relationships.

My experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer and social impact consultant inspired me to create these gifts that give back.

Our gifts create deep societal impact through the everyday act of gift-giving, delighting gift givers and recipients alike. From empowering women in need of a second chance to supporting sustainability efforts, our gifts help transform lives, enrich communities, and preserve the environment.            

Whether you’re looking for gifts for business clients, employees or friends, I hope our gifts leave you feeling more inspired than ever.      

Together, we can create more impact.

With Gratitude,

— Leeatt Rothschild

Our Story

Packed with Purpose is a Woman-Owned business on a mission to create meaningful social impact while strengthening human connections. Since our launch in 2016 we have been committed to discovering “the best” products from across the United States and beyond to include in our curated gift collections. Crafted by purpose-driven organizations, these high quality products are what make our gifts unique- each one represents an inspiring story of change and positively impacts our communities. 

From uplifting underresourced women and others with barriers to employment to supporting sustainability efforts we feel fortunate to curate memorable gifts that wow recipients while providing an effortless way for individuals and companies to create positive change. We’ve been told our gifts keep on giving-we happily agree!

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Gifts That Give Back

We’re honored to share the stories, impact, and successes of our valued Impact Partners, who make the fantastic products in our gifts. 

“I had done a bunch of looking around for a gift company that supported local communities or social good in some way and was so happy to come across Packed with Purpose. Our company tries to do our part to support social good. We too are a woman-owned small business and it is a core value of ours to support other women-led companies. I am thrilled to have found your company! I am looking forward to returning for future orders.”

— Alexandra

Caravel Marketing, Inc.

“Packed with Purpose is like joining an amazing club, and everyone who gets one of their packages wants to join. I've never done any kind of client or partner communication that's had such an instant and positive reaction.”

— Josh

Propllr PR

“Whether it's a CEO or a manager that wants to send gifts to their employees, or the head of sales that wants to send gifts to their clients, it's really an opportunity to create that human connection.”

— Leeatt Rothschild

Founder & CEO, Packed with Purpose