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Impact Partner Spotlight: Lambs Farm on the Benefits of Buying Socially Responsible Gifts

June 19, 2018

How can you give a gift that someone will remember? Socially responsible gifts allow your recipients to make a social impact while enjoying a wonderful gift.

Lambs Farm, one of our purveyors, provides delicious cookies, chocolates and toffees in several of our collections. But they do more than make treats. When purchasing a Packed with Purpose gift box with Lambs Farms’ goodies, you’re supporting their mission of providing vocational opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.

Elizabeth Reder, the sales manager at Lambs Farm, shared more with us about how Lambs Farm came to be, who they serve and what some of the benefits of buying socially responsible gifts are.

lambs farm socially responsible gifts

Credit: Lambs Farm


What is Lambs Farm’s background? How did your organization come to be?

Lambs Farm began in 1961 when 12 adults with developmental disabilities were employed at a pet shop in Chicago. Co-founders Corinne Owen and Robert Terese believed that given the opportunity, people with developmental disabilities could lead meaningful and productive lives.

Who does your organization serve?

Lambs Farm serves adults with developmental disabilities.

How does Lambs Farm support adults with developmental disabilities?

Opportunity flourishes for the men and women of Lambs Farm through a full range of employment, residential, wellness and life skills programs.

lambs farm socially responsible gifts

Credit: Lambs Farm


How many individuals do you serve?

Lambs Farm serves more than 250 people with developmental disabilities. Most of our Participants live in one of our group homes, apartment building or senior living residence. We also have six homes in nearby communities. There are also many individuals who live at home with their families and come to Lambs Farm to participate in our vocational and recreational programs.

What products of Lambs Farms are included in Packed with Purpose’s socially responsible gifts?

Lambs Farm is delighted to share some of our favorite treats including our Famous Butter Cookies, English Toffee, Turtles and Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

Why do you partner with Packed with Purpose’s socially responsible gifts?

Packed with Purpose has a wonderful and meaningful mission by providing the opportunity for people to purchase and share socially responsible gifts that give back.

lambs farm socially responsible gifts

Credit: Lambs Farm

Why do you think people should give socially responsible gifts?

Giving socially responsible gifts really shows you care. You took the extra effort to find a unique and special gift. Your gift truly helps others and is twice as thoughtful.

Where can we find Lambs Farm’s products?

Lambs Farm products are available on our website www.lambsfarm.org or you can visit our Country Store and Bakery in Libertyville. We also sell our products at local retailers such as Sunset Foods, Grand Foods, Ace Hardware and Woodman’s.

You can find Lambs’ Farms’ treats in many of our socially responsible gifts, including Thoughtful Treats, The Grand Deluxe and Chicago Gourmet Goodness. Your recipients will love Lambs Farm’s sweet snacks, and their mission even more.

Grand Deluxe socially responsible gifts

Grand Deluxe Gift