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Client & Employee Gifts

Women’s Empowerment. Workforce Development. Wellness. Youth Development. The Environment.
Your gift will have an impact.

Packed with Purpose (PwP) curates corporate gifts that not only stand out, but also do good. When you want to send a unique gift that also expresses your company’s commitment to social good, PwP is the perfect solution. Our gifts are of the highest quality, are beautifully packaged, and all the more memorable because they make a positive social impact that we describe in each gift.

Popular gifting needs we fulfill

  • Holiday/ Year-end — Delight recipients with an unforgettable gift that gives back.
  • Referral and client thank you — Add the element of surprise to make your gift even more memorable!
  • Client appreciation — Send gifts on a rolling basis to acknowledge new contracts and other business milestones.
  • Prospecting tool — Guaranteed to capture prospects’ attention.
  • Employee appreciation — Any time is a good time to show employees you care.
  • Employee onboarding — First impressions last for a career.

Add branding to heighten the effect

  • Add your company logo.
  • Include your brochure, business card or promotional item.
  • Customize your gift box assortment.

PwP is the perfect partner when you want to send a gift that truly stands out, and also sparks genuine engagement with your clients and employees around your brand values. We ship to individual addresses (no mailing list is too big) or in bulk to a single location.

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“The gift packaging, the contents … all perfection! I especially loved the story behind each product. I would say that any gifter or giftee would be thrilled to work with you!”

-CEO, B2B Software Company

“Most of all, I love the thought behind the gift. I think it is so important to support the kind of businesses represented in that gift box. I love that Packed with Purpose so consistently expresses those values.”

-Gift Recipient, Digital Agency

Spotlight Purposeful Purveyor

Women's Bean Project

The Denver-based Women’s Bean Project gives impoverished and chronically unemployed women the chance to gain vital workplace skills through the production of gourmet food and handmade jewelry. Women’s Bean Project even supplements this experience with interpersonal and life skills programs to help these women advance their careers as they learn the importance of reliability, accuracy, punctuality, and attention to detail.

Many Women’s Bean participants go on to lead successful, self-sufficient lives, creating brighter futures for themselves, their families, and their communities. Whether you select their gourmet chocolates, baking mixes, or spice rub mixes—all of which are certified Kosher and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives—you are helping women break the cycle of poverty and chronic unemployment.