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10% Off Your First Order with Code FIRST10. Shop Now

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Two people from Uganda holding Amazi snack bags. Packed with Purpose Impact Partners.

Amazi was founded in 2016, after Renee Dunn became perplexed while studying the entrepreneurial environment in Uganda.  Despite high levels of entrepreneurship and a bustling marketplace with endless piles of tomatoes, plantains, and bananas, she saw persistent waste, unemployment and a lack of competition. These issues inspired Renee to explore the possibilities of AgriProcessing – adding value to natural resources – to provide growth opportunities to entrepreneurs, unemployed youth, and farmers alike.

Amazi is a mindful food company whose mission is to inspire local agricultural value chains and catalyze economic growth through the sales of healthy products. Based out of Washington D.C., they believe that paving a better pathway from agriculture to marketable products will address issues of unemployment, food waste, and poverty in rural farming communities. Hand-crafted in partnership with local processors, every bite of Amazi dried fruit treats supports Direct Trade and protects Organic farming practices while promoting local businesses and creating job opportunities.

Combined with her passion for healthy snacking, she was driven to team up with local, organic-certified manufacturers to transform Uganda’s best tropical fruits into wholesome, clutter-free snacks. The result: delicious, organically-grown dried fruit snacks that provide economic and employment opportunities to producers in their supply chain.