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10% Off Your First Order with Code FIRST10. Shop Now

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Green Mustache

Founder of VanTrang Manges and her kids holding Green Mustache products

Like millions of parents, VanTrang Manges noticed that getting her kids to eat their fruits and veggies was a big challenge. She always wanted to start her own company, and her children’s picky eating habits were the kick she needed to embrace her entrepreneurial goals and create Green Mustache

Manges saw a great opportunity to make healthy, convenient snacks for not only kids but anyone that wants to get a little more green into their diet. Inspired by a classic childhood snack, Mustache Munchies are baked “cheese” crackers for a broad demographic. Made with clean, healthy ingredients like chickpea flour, kale, chia, and love. These adorable stache-shaped crackers are perfect for those with sensitive diet restrictions or anyone in search of new, delicious plant-based snack alternatives

Green Mustache is based in Brooklyn, NY, and is proudly a woman-owned, Asian-owned company.