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10% Off Your First Order with Code FIRST10. Shop Now

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Ketto Design

Founders of Ketto Design, Julie and Catherine smiling

Julie and Catherine founded Ketto Design with the dream of creating vibrant, eco-friendly housewares. Their now-extensive line of whimsical housewares started as a passion project produced in the basement of a Quebec City cafe. Twenty-two years later, this small women-owned business offers lunch bags, pencil cases, coffee mugs, and much more, all featuring its whimsical Ketto characters. Ketto products are stylish and offer a sustainable Eco Keto line with eco-friendly reusable utensils and beautiful zero-waste bags of all sizes made from recycled plastic bottles. 

We are thrilled to include their colorful and eco-friendly utensils and pouch in our Sustainability On-The-Go gift.