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10% Off Your First Order with Code FIRST10. Shop Now

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Mocktail Club

Manhattan Berry, beverage from the Mocktail Club

Founded in 2018 by Pauline Idogho, Mocktail Club provides a variety of healthy non-alcoholic drinks with an exciting twist and meaningful giveback. Embarking on a mission to offer delicious alternatives to the non-alcoholic market, Pauline used her experience with global travel and social bonding to create bold, daring flavors not usually found in non-alcoholic drinks. 

This Black and women-owned company sources ingredients from organic suppliers and crafts its beverages without additional coloring, preservatives, or additives. In addition, all mocktails come in recyclable aluminum cans (which also reduce the size and weight of transport to limit its carbon footprint!)  Mocktail Club’s creative and refreshing mocktails provide a delicious choice for people who want to be social while living a healthier life and maintaining their personal boundaries.

Finally, Mocktail Club commits 1% of their sales towards its partnership with Water for People, which provides clean water access in developing nations across the globe.