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Moonshot Snacks

Moonshot founder, Julia Collins happily posing with her sustainable and delicious snacks

When Moonshot Snacks founder Julia Collins found out that she was going to become a mom, she had a nagging thought that she just couldn’t shake: “how can I create a better world for my tiny human?” The answer to this question has been the catalyst for Julia’s quest to create climate-friendly snacks. She took it one step further by building a platform called Planet FWD that allows other food companies to do the same.

In collaboration with its producers, Moonshot has formed a small, curated supply chain for its entire sourcing operation, to ensure they fulfill the company’s commitment to climate-friendliness. Their sister company, Planet FWD, then works to pair these producers with other brands that want to be climate-friendly.  In this way, Moonshot has created a unique snack company, but also foundation of sharing the resources, knowledge, and strategies that allow them to pursue real climate impact.

Moonshot also uses only organic ingredients, has a condensed supply chain for local production, and is committed to strong partnerships with their farmers to ensure the quality and traceability of their product back to the source.  These farmers are committed to better soil health, using regenerative agriculture to create stable and healthy ecosystems. 

Moonshot is Certified Climate Neutral, USA-made, Black-owned, and Certified Women-Owned.