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10% Off Your First Order with Code FIRST10. Shop Now

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Record Remix

Vinyl record journal

Record Remix transforms vintage records into a variety of new designs, bringing vinyl records back into the home. Founded by Jeff Davis, who began molding vinyl records over custom-made forms as part of a graduate school thesis project, Record Remix designs preserve the look and feel of the old vinyl, including the original record labels, while creating new, useful, elegant objects. Since 2002, hundreds of thousands of old records – past their playing prime – have been collected and transformed into everything from clocks to guitar amps.

​Every year, Record Remix recycles and reuses approximately 150,000 records or almost 40,000 pounds of material. They use every part of the record — album cover, leftover scraps, vinyl— and partner with record-pressing plants to create a closed-loop product that is unique and sustainable.