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10% Off Your First Order with Code FIRST10. Shop Now

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The Ethical Silk Company

Silk eye mask from The Ethical Silk Company. A Packed with Purpose Impact Partners.

Eva Power was inspired by her mother and grandmother to start The Ethical Silk Co. as they always made sure to sleep on silk and encouraged her and her sister to do the same to reap the benefits for their skin and hair. Eva discovered mulberry silk, a uniquely soft fabric with the same softness but less stark shine than traditional silk. Besides incredible softness and comfort, at the heart of everything Eva does, is ethical production and social impact. The Ethical Silk Co. conducts all production under the Fair Trade standards out of the Mehera Shaw production space in Jaipur, India. Eva donates 5 percent of her profits to  the Jeevan Jyothi AIDS Centre, and 5 percent to Focus Ireland, an organization working to prevent and resolve homelessness.

Find The Ethical Silk Co.’s ultra soft mulberry silk eye mask in our Deluxe Spa Day gift.

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