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Together We Bake

Three Together We Bake program participants packaging granola

Founded in 2012 by running partners Stephanie Wright and Tricia Sabatini, Together We Bake (TWB) provides second chances to women in our nation’s capital. By gaining workforce training and personal development, these women—many of whom have histories of trauma, abuse, or addiction—can lift themselves into careers within the food service and hospitality industry. They gain valuable workforce training (everything from baking and food safety instruction to job readiness skills) and personal development (including life skills, empowerment, and self-esteem).

Choose from TWB’s cinnamon-pecan granola, fruitcycle trail mix, and cinnamon apple chips, and you, too, will help these remarkable women gain self-confidence, workforce skills, and the experience they need to become self-sufficient.


recidivism rate, compared to national rate of 70%


passage rate for food service certificate