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Sustainable Selections

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Employee Appreciation with Impact

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Our Gifts Tell a Story

We thoughtfully curate our gifts with products handpicked from our Impact Partners — organizations that produce high-quality products that create a societal impact.

Our artful Impact Booklet is included in each gift and brings to life the inspiring stories behind these Partners, providing a unique experience for gift recipients.

Photo of flyer
Photo of flyer

Meet an Impact Partner

Together We Bake

Together We Bake (TWB) provides second chances to women in our nation’s capital. By gaining workforce training and personal development, these women can lift themselves into careers within the food service and hospitality industry.

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Aspire CoffeeWorks

Aspire CoffeeWorks combines the work of Aspire, a provider of pioneering services to kids and adults with disabilities, with the craftsmanship of Metropolis Coffee Company, an award-winning artisanal coffee roaster.

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b.a.r.e. soaps

B.A.R.E Soaps are all natural, made with ethically sourced vegan oils, in packaging that is sustainable and plantable.

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A Note from our Founder

A few years ago, I discovered a way to embed the act of doing good into the gifts we give. The idea for Packed with Purpose grew from my desire to create a social impact, while recognizing the importance of gifting in fostering meaningful relationships.

Our gifts create deep societal impact through the everyday act of gift giving. From empowering women in need of a second chance to supporting sustainability efforts, our gifts have transformed lives, enriched communities and preserved our environment. We are proud to be a certified woman-owned personal and corporate gifting company.

We hope you enjoy the inspiring stories behind your gift.

With gratitude,

“My clients have already asked if I’m sending out Packed with Purpose gifts next year and my answer without hesitation was YES.”

— Andi

Adler Weiner Research

“Amazing story, amazing work, amazing impact on the community and the world at large.”

— Mark

Veterinary Practice Partners

“I LOVE this certified Woman-Owned gifting company with a social mission! Their gifts give back and they provide vocational training for adults with disabilities, the formerly incarcerated, those with barriers to employment, and more. What could be better? Highly recommend using them if you want to send a personal or corporate gift!”

— Katie

Aspen Group

“Packed with Purpose is like joining an amazing club, and everyone who gets one of their packages wants to join. I've never done any kind of client or partner communication that's had such an instant and positive reaction.”

— Josh

Propllr PR

“These gifts were designed not just to show that you care about your employees, coworkers, and clients, but about what’s happening in the world. They create an impact on a personal and societal level.”

— Leeatt Rothschild

Founder & CEO, Packed with Purpose