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Celebrate Black History Month

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Did you know only

2.3% of U.S. businesses

are Black-owned?

While approximately 14% of the U.S. population identifies as Black, only 2.3% of businesses are Black-owned. You can help change this by raising awareness of your local Black-owned businesses and supporting Black-owned businesses whenever possible.

As a company dedicated to making an outsized impact with every gift, our relationship with our Impact Partners fuels everything we do. This month, we honor the stories and successes of our Black-led Impact Partners. 

Taste of Impact Black History Gift Box

A Taste of Impact: Black History Month

Delight taste buds with rich Ghanaian chocolate, crisp sourdough crackers and triple-chocolate cookies. An invigorating cup of green tea with locally-sourced honey to keep energy levels up during afternoon meetings.

This gift of deluxe items will not only delight your recipient, but helps support carbon-neutral food production, educates youth on relationship violence prevention, and creates jobs for those impacted by the justice system, among other impactful causes.

Black-Owned Spotlight

Your recipient will savor a cup of cold brew coffee while snacking on crunchy granola, lightly salted heirloom popcorn and potato chips, decadent cookies and more. Together, these items support youth in need, eliminating hunger, sustainable agriculture, and Black-owned businesses.


While Black History Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the contributions and achievements of Black-owned businesses, at Packed with Purpose, we are committed to supporting and amplifying the accomplishments of our Black-owned Impact Partners year-round. 

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This February, honor Black History Month with a gift that features Black-owned businesses or makes a positive impact in the Black community. Share the stories of our partners during your company celebrations and show your support through our selection of Black-owned gifts. 

Promoting, purchasing, and sharing products created by Black-owned businesses is a small but powerful step in creating economic equity. Black History Month gives corporate gift givers a chance to celebrate and elevate the experiences and contributions of the Black community. 

Need help choosing the right way to share with your company or clients? Consider either the “Black-Owned Spotlight” or “A Taste of Impact: Black History Month” gift box. 

Have a great idea that could use an experienced touch through impactful gifts? Contact us to get started. We’d love to help you find the right way to celebrate.