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The Perfect Corporate Gift Box to Celebrate Black History Month

January 25, 2022

Black History Month gives corporate gift givers a chance to recognize and celebrate the experiences and contributions of the Black community. Black-owned businesses have always been a dynamic, inventive part of American commerce, and we’d like to take Black History Month as an opportunity to amplify the accomplishments of our Black-owned Impact Partners.


Unfortunately, it remains true that Black-owned businesses don’t see nearly as much investment as their white-owned counterparts—3% of the outside investment a white-owned business receives after founding. Their limited resources highlight a racial wealth gap that has loomed over Black businesses and families during the pandemic. This means it’s even more crucial to support and promote diversity through tangible action: by allocating resources through purpose-driven corporate gestures. Promoting, purchasing, and sharing products created by Black-owned businesses is a small but powerful step in creating economic equity for not only these businesses but the communities in which they operate.  


This year, we made the decision to add a new impact area to amplify the diverse-owned businesses that make up our roster of Impact Partners: Black, AAPI, women, Hispanic, Latino or Indigenous entrepreneurs. This gives us the chance to put our diverse-owned purveyors at the forefront of our catalog and introduce new customers to their brands. And, when you send a gift– at any time– from Packed with Purpose, you and your recipient share in the effort to ensure these businesses thrive.


Impact Partners like BLK & Bold, Divine Chocolate, Moonshot Snacks, My Cup of Tea, and many others have helped communities thrive during the pandemic by infusing their products and business practices with sustainability, workforce development efforts, and youth advancement initiatives. Fostering a stronger business ecosystem where they operate has always been their mission. We’re excited to see how our collaboration can widen their impact and amplify their narratives.


For Black History Month 2022, we’ve put together three corporate gift boxes to celebrate our Impact Partners’ diversity and the impact they’ve had on their communities:


  • A Taste of Impact: Black History Month: A delicious gift that amplifies Black-led Impact Partners and communities. Rich Ghanian chocolate, crisp sourdough crackers and triple-chocolate cookies, with an invigorating cup of green tea and locally-sourced honey. Perfect for friends, team members, or conference attendees, this gift of deluxe items will not only delight your recipient, but supports carbon-neutral food production, educates youth on relationship violence prevention, and creates jobs for those impacted by the justice system, among other impactful causes. 

  • Black-Owned Spotlight: A gift that delights with each bite (and sip!) that shines a spotlight on Black-owned businesses across the country.  Featuring a premium cup of single-origin coffee, crunchy granola, lightly salted heirloom popcorn, potato chips, decadent cookies, and more. Together, these items support youth in need, eliminating hunger, sustainable agriculture, and a variety of black-owned businesses.

  • Celebrate & Elevate: Delight your recipients with this gift that showcases some of our Black, Latinx, AAPI, LGBTQ+, and women-owned purveyors. It’s a selection designed to delight and uplift with flavorful chips, crackers, and sea salt popcorn to crispy cookies and dark chocolate. Whether intended as a thoughtful office gift, thank-you present, or special surprise, they’ll appreciate the myriad ways this bundle gives back: by helping reduce food waste, expanding education options for youth in need, and much more.


During this Black History Month, do more than just observe: Celebrate diversity and promote equity with help from our Black-owned Impact Partners.