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25,000 Pounds of Coffee. Immense Social Good.

July 14, 2017

Great coffee. Better cause. It doesn’t get much better than that. Watch the video here.

Hi, I’m Alex Swerdlow, and I’m a junior at the University of Chicago. I have been engaged in the social entrepreneurship space since I was 15, and I’m the business development intern for Packed with Purpose this summer.

After just four weeks, I’ve already been inspired by the work of our Purposeful Purveyors to generate meaningful social impact. It wasn’t until yesterday that I was able to see one of our Purposeful Purveyors in action. Our visit to Aspire CoffeeWorks only enhanced my appreciation for the incredible organizations we are fortunate enough to partner with to produce high-quality gifts with huge impact.

aspire coffeeworks 1 1
Packed with Purpose team and Aspire CoffeeWorks visiting Metropolis Coffee roasting facilities

aspire coffeeworks 2 1
Outside of the Metropolis Coffee roasting facilities

aspire coffeeworks 3
Inside the roasting facility, where a roaster tests the beans for temperature, smell, and texture

At Aspire CoffeeWorks, adults with and without disabilities work side by side to bring you freshly roasted Metropolis Coffee, providing an enriching work environment and producing award-winning joe. In addition to creating meaningful work opportunities for people of all abilities, Aspire CoffeeWorks donates 100% of proceeds to programs and services for kids and adults with disabilities. It’s easy to understand why we’re so thrilled to call them one of our Purposeful Purveyors.

aspire coffeeworks 4 e1500052488524Kaled and Bruce from Aspire CoffeeWorks label bags of freshly roasted Metropolis Coffee

aspire coffeeworks 5 1
Aspire CoffeeWorks labels each bag of Metropolis Coffee with a unique sticker describing their social impact

aspire coffeeworks 6 1
Kaled and Bruce from Aspire CoffeeWorks hard at work

Bridget, pictured below, has been there for 7 years. She has labeled every bag of Metropolis Coffee that has left their facility in that time. WIth over 25,000 pounds of coffee produced each week, that’s a lot of labeling.

aspire coffeeworks 7
Bridget has labeled every bag of Metropolis Coffee that has left the facilities for 7 years

aspire coffeeworks 8 1
Bridget hard at work in the Metropolis roasting facility

And what would a visit be without a cup of freshly roasted Metropolis Coffee? As a college student, I know a good cup of coffee when I drink one (or five), and trust me when I tell you that Aspire CoffeeWorks brews one of the best cups in the city.

aspire coffeeworks 9 e1500052642781Metropolis Cold Brew on tap

aspire coffeeworks 10
Some inspiration right when you walk into the Metropolis roasting facilities

aspire coffeeworks 11
Metropolis Coffee’s famous Spice Island blend

Packed with Purpose will be partnering with Aspire CoffeeWorks this holiday season to curate incredible gift sets perfect for your corporate or personal gifting needs. These boxes will show how much you care about the recipient and doing good.

Learn more about Aspire CoffeeWorks.

aspire coffeeworks 13
Most do not realize how much behind-the-scenes work goes into every cup of coffee. We were blown away by the process – and the social impact that Aspire CoffeeWorks is able to create with each step.