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10% Off Your First Order with Code FIRST10. Shop Now

Corporate Gifting 101: 5 Trends to Watch

December 24, 2021

corporate gift box

It’s a fact of life that novelty is fleeting, especially when it comes to gifts. Contrary to conventional wisdom, you usually know what you’re going to get with a box of chocolates: a tried and true assortment of short-term goodies that go stale far too quickly. 

The same goes for branded mugs, pens with a logo plastered on the side, or any sort of by-the-numbers trinkets. Where’s the delight? 

Don’t fall into the chocolate trap. Keep your gift-giving fresh and memorable by following these five gifting trends, all of which prioritize appreciation, engagement, and satisfaction over convention.

  • Under wraps and over the moon. Who says that you shouldn’t judge a gift by its wrapping paper? Turn your package into an environmentally friendly, expectation-setting piece of artisanal decor and show your recipient that you’ve put considerable thought into every part of the gift-giving experience. For a business gift, you can also tastefully add your company’s logo in a way that makes your brand stick out, but make sure to do so in a way that doesn’t overpower the aesthetic of the gift. 
  • Recognition is its own reward. When the whole office works from home without face-to-face meetings, it can be hard to get across just how much you appreciate each member of the team. Turn your gifts into opportunities for employee engagement by emphasizing individual achievements and fostering an inclusive, empathetic company culture.
  • Mix the digital with the physical. Have a virtual conference coming up? Break through screen fatigue by supplementing your event with occasion-specific swag, giving participants something to mark the occasion with and turning a ho-hum virtual meeting into a chance to connect.
  • Make your purpose a present in its own right. Help your gifts drive social and environmental change by purchasing packages from diverse-owned and sustainable businesses, showcasing your desire to invest in the community alongside the gift’s recipient. Show that your head and heart are in the right place by infusing your gifts with meaning.
  • Keep it personal. Your gift message is the most valuable piece of real estate. Be sure to make your intent clear and your empathy genuine by sharing a personal message with your recipient. Whether you’re thanking a client, celebrating a milestone, or just letting your recipient know that you’re thinking of them during a difficult time, make each gift an excuse to further connect and strengthen the bonds that drew you together.