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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with our Impact Partners

September 20, 2022

janabanana girl's soccer team

National Hispanic Heritage month is celebrated every year, kicking off on September 15 and continuing through October 15 as a time to celebrate the diverse cultures, histories, and contributions of the American Latino community. As Packed with Purpose grows its diverse-owned Impact Partnerships, we’ve seen firsthand how Latino- and Latina-owned businesses directly impact societal growth, and bring a wealth of positive contributions to their communities and beyond.

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage month, we’re thrilled to debut our newest curation, A Taste of Impact: Hispanic Heritage Month. We spoke with a couple of our featured Impact Partners on their Hispanic-owned businesses and what this month means to them.

Mexican Baked Goods on a Mission 

Impact Partner La Monarca was started as a passion project between two grad students, Alfredo and Ricardo, who sought to make delicious Mexican baked goods and coffee that reminded them of home. Inspired to impact the community and planet, La Monarca partnered with Ecolife Conservation to donate 1% of the sale from each product to protect its namesake: the Monarch Butterfly.

September and October are pivotal seasons for these delicate and beautiful insects, who begin their yearly migration toward Mexico for overwintering. This is also a special time for La Monarca during the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Hispanic Heritage Month means, to us, an opportunity to embrace and inspire others to enjoy our culture through our traditional Mexican baked goods and coffee.” say founders Alfredo and Ricardo. “Not only are you enjoying the sweet flavor of Mexico, but you’re also supporting the monarch butterfly conservation.”

You can find La Monarca’s delightful Mexican Wedding Cookies in our Holiday Sweet Thanks (Deluxe) and Inspirational Impact curations.

Banana Bars for Brazil 

Bananas have definitely earned their place as one of the world’s most loved fruits, and no one knows this better than Jana Lopes, founder of JanaBanana. Growing up in Brazil, with access to some of the best and freshest fruits and vegetables, Jana was inspired by the utility and versatility of the nutrient-rich banana. After years of research, she perfected the formula for her paleo, vegan, and gluten-free snack bars and fruit snacks by harnessing the power of green bananas and other wholesome ingredients.

The snack bars fuel not only the body, but also a group of young girls in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The JanaBanana girls project was designed to increase and sustain young women’s participation in sports and physical activity in an economically disinvested community. “It is exhilarating to see the happiness in their eyes and know that they are not alone,” says Jana. “I am so happy to be able to return to my hometown and make a difference in the lives of so many girls and their families.”

For Jana, Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of who she is. “As a first-generation American, I treasure the culture and values inherited from my country and take pride in being able to have our JanaBanana bars to pass on to our customers, supporters, and to the social projects in which we are involved.”

Find Janabanana’s delicious banana bar snacks in our Healthy Snacks (Petite) and Make Them Smile curations.

Hispanic Heritage Month Gift 

Whether you’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with family, friends, coworkers, or just within your community, there’s always an opportunity to support Hispanic-owned businesses year round. And, if you’re looking for gifts for Hispanic Heritage Month, Packed with Purpose makes it easy and delightful with our new gift, A Taste of Impact: Hispanic Heritage Month. This curation features delicious treats from La Monarca, Janabanana, and other Latino/a-owned Impact Partners in one delightful box. Perfect for sending any time of year to celebrate the contributions and flavors of the vibrant cultures that make up our diverse world.

Looking to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month with your employees? Contact our Gift Concierge to discuss bulk ordering and shipping!