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Corporate Gifting 2.0: The Rise of Customized and Concierge Service

November 29, 2021

Holding a corporate gift

Gift services can offer too much of a good thing. Buyers face so many choices and so many ways to customize and personalize them. They need someone at their side to keep the process from getting overwhelming. That’s why Packed with Purpose provides a concierge gift service. We provide a partner to help pick meaningful and memorable gifts. The gift concierge team handles the budgeting, ordering, and tracking details. As a result, customers can focus on the gift’s purpose and make sure it’s money well spent. By using a concierge service, even large corporate buyers can send unique office gifts to coworkers, business partners, and customers. 

Gift givers prefer to have options, of course. They want to find a meaningful gift that speaks exactly to their needs, whether the purpose is to show appreciation, recognition, or commitment. Increasingly, companies also want their gift to include a personalized company card or brochure to reinforce a business message. A concierge not only makes these options possible, but it also serves as a consultant, creating a perfect, personalized gift and meeting expedited delivery or marketing deadlines.

A well-designed website can make gift selection hassle-free, and many customers prefer to place orders themselves in a single session. But once the order becomes complicated, requires additional information, or simply needs logistical shipping support, a concierge service can make all the difference.

Human relations, marketing, and office managers who make gift-buying decisions, or executive assistants who perform this task for their bosses, always have too much on their plate. They need a seamless service that runs smoothly, without ordering and shipping issues, which helps them manage their annual spend.

There’s no single typical gift—it can be an office gift for 200 employees or a conference thank-you to 1,000 attendees. A gift concierge is a partner who understands the gift giver’s goals and cuts through logistics and fulfillment issues, from choosing a shipping method to using a corporate account. Whether celebrating milestones, welcoming new clients and employees, or deepening business relationships, concierge service provides the complete package.

Gifting Platforms: Technology’s Gift to Purchasers

Online catalogs expand the possibilities of gift-giving, making more choices available at a wide range of prices. But they also make the selection less burdensome. By walking buyers through the process and providing information at the right time, a gifting platform provides a seamless and efficient experience.

For example, on our website, the page for each curated gift also recommends popular gifts of a similar type and price. In addition, descriptions of our Impact Partners show related gifts that include their products. Browsers always have ways to narrow down their choices to pick the ideal gift.

Delivery addresses are especially important for the many people now navigating remote and hybrid work schedules. Packed with Purpose offers multi-ship online orders on items. First, add them to the shopping cart one at a time, adding a personalized gift message. Then, return to the cart before checkout to add addresses before selecting a shipping method and payment.

But what happens if you don’t have a preferred address for everyone on your list? Our gifting platform allows customers to seamlessly solve that issue through an Address Collection Service. Your gift concierge will set up a page where recipients can enter a shipping address or even make a gift choice. Once you send the link to recipients—another chance to make a personal connection—the gifting platform will build a database of addresses as they respond. 

This feature can save money because it’s not spent on recipients who, for professional reasons, are not able to accept gifts or who have a personal food or consumption preference. The gift concierge can suggest the appropriate language to ask for an address and industry practices for giving and accepting gifts. The address service can provide recipients with a polite way to decline a gift or choose an option that fits their diet or other lifestyle preferences.     

Gifting platforms work in concert with the concierge to keep your budget on track. A concierge can suggest gift strategies such as small and large price options to accommodate budget variations or themed gifts to tie into a conference topic or employee resource group mission. A detailed confirmation with tracking links allows the sender to confirm delivery and receipt at each address. Analytics on estimated costs and actual expenses help purchasers manage their spending and plan future purchases.

The Human Touch Guides Success

Office gifts have the weight of the company behind them. Still, at the end of the day, gifts are personal decisions. Because we believe in the social purpose of gifts, our curation goes beyond the choice of gift items and the Impact Partners who produce them. Our concierge service establishes relationships with clients, enabling us to understand their brand, messaging, and pain points. Technology supports customization at scale for a more efficient and reliable result.

By listening to clients, a concierge service can use technology as a source of innovation. For instance, some clients prefer to give their account executives a choice of two or three options they can send to their teams. Others provide recipients with a selection of gifts. Both cases use the same technology, but the power of choice is customized depending on your company’s needs. 

Technology can work with the many variables of branding, messaging, and shipping items to produce accurate cost estimates and timely deliveries. However, choosing among a range of customization scenarios needs an understanding of the sender’s goal. With tech-supported logistics, fulfillment, and operations, the gift concierge can work to deliver results with the greatest impact. Technology and a personal touch make the buyer’s experience easy, hassle-free and productive.