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Meaningful Father’s Day Gifts

May 18, 2018

Father’s Day should be about more than sending a greeting card, or buying an impersonal gift like a tie or box of golf balls. It’s about spending quality time with your loved one, and making it an experience you’ll both cherish.

Here are some meaningful Father’s Day gifts and ideas to make this Father’s Day special and memorable for the father or father figure in your life.

Plan an in-person visit

Meaningful Father’s Day gifts can be more than just physical presents — the gift of a visit can also make his day. Whether you’re blocks away or live on opposite sides of the country, plan ahead this Father’s Day and make a trip to visit him. After all, numerous studies have shown that text messages or emails just don’t compare with the value of in-person time spent with your loved one.

This Father’s Day, show your generosity by taking the time to visit your dad.

Spend quality time that gives back

This Father’s Day, engage in an activity both of you will value and remember. Meaningful Father’s Day gifts can include planning an activity that you both enjoy, that also gives back to others in need. If you both enjoy theatre, see a show that supports your local community. If you plan on celebrating at a restaurant, choose a locally-owned establishment that uses sustainable products and environmentally-friendly materials. You can enjoy your time together this Father’s Day, while simultaneously doing good.

Find meaningful Father’s Day gifts with impact

When you’re searching for meaningful Father’s Day gifts, think about why you’re buying a gift in the first place — it’s probably because your dad has made a positive impact on your life. Choose a gift that honors that, and in turn, makes a positive impact on communities and the lives of individuals in need.

Packed with Purpose has a variety of high-quality, meaningful gifts that will impress your dad and do good. Our “Gifts for Him” collection includes several gifts perfect for Father’s Day, with products from our handpicked Purposeful Purveyors; companies positively transforming communities around us by providing opportunities for people with disabilities, assisting youth in need, supporting sustainable farming practices, creating economic opportunity and more.

Our Healthy Delights gift box will make his day with an assortment of savory and salty snacks. Explore our other great gifts that do good — you’re bound to find something your dad will enjoy.

Treat every day like it’s Father’s Day

Even though Father’s Day is only celebrated once a year, show your appreciation by engaging in the activities above often. Giving thoughtful, surprise gifts throughout the year is a great way to show your dad you’re thinking of him. Packed with Purpose’s Appreciation & Just Because collection have the perfect gifts to show you care, any time of the year.