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New Impact Partners and More Impact

June 26, 2019

Women of My Cup Of Tea making tea. Packed with Purpose, Impact Partners.

Packed with Purpose is excited to announce 40 new partnerships with Impact Partners! We’re always on the lookout for organizations that make exceptional products and create meaningful social impact at the same time, and our new partners do not disappoint. We highlight a few of the new socially responsible companies that we work with below.


Women’s Empowerment

Supporting women-led social enterprises is crucial for closing the gender wage gap, which in turn provides economic security for families and communities. My Cup of Tea, lifts women out of poverty and empowers local leaders while providing delicious specialty teas. Based in one of the country’s oldest African American communities in Memphis, My Cup of Tea offers job opportunities and training programs to women in the neighborhood. Many of the women are generationally poor and have few job prospects due to a lack of opportunity and education.. The organization gives them a new chance and shares the joy of tea through courses on the 30 different kinds of tea they produce and workforce development classes.  Women can take computer literacy or GED classes, and many end up working in different departments at My Cup of Tea. Support the women of Orange Mound and show someone you appreciate them with the Positive Vibes gift box featuring their organic clover honey sticks.

Youth Development

Providing leadership opportunities and outlets for young people can be crucial for escaping a life of poverty and taking a positive step toward a better life. Confections with Convictions transforms the lives of adolescents with criminal records through baking and professional development. They were founded by Dale Anderson, a former counselor for youth in the court system, when he wanted to start a business that went beyond his counseling work to empower people with a new beginning and meaningful work. After spending a few years studying the art of chocolate making, he founded Confections with Convictions to give youth with criminal records an opportunity to learn about the chocolate business and help them get a fresh start through the transformative power of employment. Their hand crafted confections, like their dark chocolate bark in the Scrumptious Shareables box , are made with organic fair trade chocolate.  Send a friend or colleague a delicious thank you which helps provide youth with a second chance. 


Healthy and clean snacks are delicious additions to many of our gift collections, and our new Purveyors are no exception. Peaceful Fruits is a certified B – Corp that makes snacks containing nothing but whole, organic fruit that is sustainably and ethically sourced.  They work directly with suppliers in the Amazon to ensure that all their fruit supports the local community and protects the rainforest at the same time. Peaceful Fruits is just one of our many Impact Partners that provide all-natural, organic snacks with simple ingredients.  Help restore the Amazon with a great tasting, Healthy Treats gift box. Perfect for health conscious friends or an office shareable.

Workforce Development

Not all communities have equal access to workforce development and training programs. Oowee, maker of natural leather products, partners with the Autism Society to provide a healthy and responsible work environment for adults on the autism spectrum. Individuals with autism work alongside peers to help build relationships outside of their immediate family and circle of support, which helps them form a stronger connection to the larger community. Program members work on sewing, packaging, labeling, and other responsibilities that build self esteem and independence, an invaluable need that goes unfulfilled for many individuals with autism.  They receive a fair and livable wage, while also meaningfully contributing with their work. You can find their handcrafted leather luggage tag in our Everyday Essentials gift box. A great addition to employee on-boarding that helps showcase your company’s values.


Packed with Purpose prioritizes sustainability and a positive impact on the environment, and many of our new partners do the same. Over ⅓ of our new purveyors have sustainable business models!  Miir is a Product to Project company that makes well-designed and sustainable bottles, bags, cups, and tumblers. They donate 3% of their revenue to projects all over the world. In 2018, that meant funding 11 grants that impacted over 9,000 people worldwide, including investments in a sustainable farm-business incubator and the Conservation Alliance.  Did we mention they have a trackable giving program? You can see exactly what project you’re funding with a code on each product. Help the environment and congratulate someone on their new promotion with our Stylish Traveler gift box.

Each of our new Impact Partners were chosen for their great products and the change they make in the 5 impact areas above: Women’s Empowerment, Youth Development, Wellness, Workforce Development, and the Environment. Packed with Purpose is proud to work with them and make high quality gifts that stand out and give back.

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