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Our 2019 Social Impact

January 30, 2020

Confections with Convictions team. Packed with Purpose, Impact Partners.

Together in 2019 we created an incredible impact.

We touched over 82,000 lives across 23 states and 29 countries through partnerships with 108 Impact Partners

 From empowering and employing women as they overcame addiction and trafficking at Thistle Farms in Tennessee to supporting gang member intervention and recovery at Rise Up Industries in California, every gift created a meaningful impact.

Through the act of gifting we helped provide over 13,000 hours of education, job training, and employment for youth and adults in underserved communities, and we supported farmers on over 250 acres of sustainably harvested farmland (that’s equivalent to 192 football fields!)

Here are a few stories from just a handful of our Impact Partners who helped make 2019 such an impactful year.

Founded by Dale Anderson, a former court youth counselor, Confections with Convictions provides job training and employment to young people with criminal records as they work to re-enter society and support their families. The Prison Policy Initiative reports that there are 5 million formerly incarcerated people living in the US. The unemployment rate for these individuals is 27%; higher than the unemployment rate during the Great Depression.This social enterprise provides a stable income even during slow periods when work hours are decreased, and they offer supplemental income to help with housing and general transition periods as these young people learn to navigate the world.

Did you know that 1 in 9 people worldwide don’t have access to clean drinking water?2 Miir partners with nonprofits to provide clean water, resources, and educational opportunities to underserved communities from Zambia to Honduras, touching 26 countries to date. As part of one of their 43 clean water projects, Miir partnered with Seattle-based nonprofit, Splash, to provide clean water, hygiene, and sanitation improvements to 10 schools and nearly 2,000 students in Kolkata, India. One of those students, tenth grader Subhadra, dreams of becoming a police officer to prevent violence against women. Subhadra says her experiences at school have improved thanks to increased cleanliness in the bathrooms, classrooms, and playground.

 transforms the lives of women and mothers in rural Bangladesh. According to the Asian Development Bank, less than 10% of women in Bangladesh work in the formal sector, meaning most working women are subject to lower incomes, decreased job security, and poorer working conditions.3 Pebble has provided employment to over 13,000 women, allowing them to produce handknit baby toys from the safety of their own villages without having to travel far from home. Women and mothers are able to use their skills to earn an income and provide for their families, also receiving free childcare while they work.

Whether you are sending one gift to share gratitude with a friend, or 1,000 gifts to express client appreciation, you can effortlessly create tangible impact. Thank you for helping us achieve monumental impact in 2019; we cannot wait for the year ahead.

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  3. Bangladesh women making progress but still face gender gap
Photo Credit: Confections with Convictions and Pebble