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Our Best Tips for Employee Holiday Gifts

September 26, 2022

The end of the year is drawing closer, and with it, the opportunity to thank and recognize the people in your business who are integral to your company’s success–your employees. Employee gifting might not be top-of-mind in early fall, but it’s an excellent time to start thinking about appreciation gifts and gestures that will make your team feel valued.

Particularly for those with employee-facing responsibilities, the question of “what to get employees for the holidays?” is weighing heavily. So, if you’re the lucky individual tasked with sending bulk holiday gifts for employees or planning holiday cheer, we’re here to show you how to choose meaningful appreciation that will make a lasting impression. 


Gifts To Show Your ESG (Environmental, Social, and Government) Values 

An organization with strong environmental, social, and governance principles will benefit your overall brand and increase employee satisfaction. Your values don’t have to be limited to internal documents – they can and should be embedded into everything you do – including your employee gifts. For example, holiday gifts can reflect your ESG commitments and reiterate your commitment to healthy employees, the planet, and local communities. 

Source your holiday appreciation gifts for employees from a local business to ensure the money spent feeds back into the local economy. For example, you can show your local pride by hosting a happy hour at a local restaurant, sending gift certificates to community boutiques, or creating a gift basket filled with goodies from small businesses in the area. You will show your appreciation, and your employees will feel more connected to the community by discovering or enjoying gifts provided right from the source! 

To showcase your commitment to sustainability and the environment, look for products and packaging that use renewable or recycled materials in any way possible. You can also opt for giving reusable items, like durable stainless steel drinkware or fabric bags, to encourage eco-friendly practices and reduce everyone’s carbon footprint.

Of course, a gift doesn’t have to be completely tangible. Anyone can value the gift of time, so consider extra PTO for employees to spend with family, friends, or just themselves. There’s never a wrong time to reiterate your company’s commitment to personal, mental, and social wellness


Personalize your Employee Gifts 

Nowadays, it’s easy to put a logo or motto on an item to show off your brand, but nothing feels as special as a personal touch. Including a thoughtful message from senior leadership is an easy, authentic, and appreciated gesture. 

This sentiment applies to physical gifts as well. Including a personalized note to the recipient to thank them for their hard work, share a genuine compliment, or wish them a happy new year speaks volumes. While the gesture requires more thought, the specificity and personal touch on your gift will go further. 

The optimal personalization is the choice someone makes for themselves. You can give the gift of choice by offering a variety of gift options for employees to select for themselves or broaden the selection by providing a gift card. Either way, you can still find the opportunity to add a little context to why they’re receiving the gift and what sentiment you wish to express. 


Make the Time to Make it Right 

To ensure your gift and message are received as intended, consider the time necessary to get it right, so you aren’t pressured to make last-minute decisions. 

Build your gifting process into your year-long planning and set aside enough time to place orders, coordinate delivery, and work out any mishaps that may crop up. With shipping delays and supply shortages, it’s never too early to secure your plans. 

If you’re pressed for time (or short on planning resources!), consider partnering with a gifting company like Packed with Purpose to help you with the logistics. Our team of Gift Concierges are here to help remind you of deadlines, collect recipient addresses, deal with shipping issues, and offer deals to repeat customers! (Check out our deadlines for the holiday season.)


Employee Gifts that Show You Care

The best holiday gifts for your employees are the ones you plan for with intention. Employees are the backbone of any business, and recognition is the secret to retaining talent (not to mention the cost savings of avoiding turnover). By thinking ahead and prioritizing employee appreciation and engagement, you can ensure that your end-of-year holiday gifts resonate with your teams and make them feel valued. 

You have a choice this holiday season. Give your employees amplified impact, reflect your company values and personalize with care. Not sure where to start? We can help you get the ball rolling and gift better this holiday season. Set up a call or shop online today