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10% Off Your First Order with Code FIRST10. Shop Now

Anything But Routine: How We Build Social Impact into Everything We Do

April 27, 2022

Hands opening a Packed with Purpose gift box and impact booklet.

What’s a value proposition? It’s a promise to current customers, prospects and stakeholders about the benefits of a relationship with your brand. Unique and impactful mission statements elevate your company above the competition by offering something found nowhere else. 


At Packed with Purpose, our core value proposition is to provide exceptional, ethically sourced, and easy to order corporate gifts that make a tangible, positive impact to both your recipient and our Impact Partners’ communities. Corporate gifting doesn’t have to come at the cost of unsustainable business practices or in the form of hollow, one-dimensional gestures. Our curated gift boxes show how social impact is baked into the very fabric of our brand and invite recipients to be part of our partners’ environmental and societal change. 


It’s no trade secret, either. Companies of any size can thread ESG principles into their organization in the following ways: 

  • Identify your impact potential. Look for ways to leverage your brand’s unique industry position to maximize your ESG impact. Reassess every expense, policy, opportunity, and initiative to identify impact growth opportunities.
  • Find your own “Impact Partners”. Work with smaller companies to make a big splash in local communities. B-Corp or 1% For the Planet certifications are a great indicator of impact potential and value alignment.
  • Do good, then do better. Once your company’s initiatives are underway, create an internal framework to measure your impact and hold your brand accountable, revisiting them frequently to ensure you stay on track. 


As businesses move into the next era of commerce, stakeholders will look for more opportunities to support responsible business initiatives that make a positive impact in their communities. Through ESG-centric goals, meaningful business partnerships, and unique solutions to societal challenges, your brand can redefine its value and elevate its business model into a tool for positive, impactful change in the world. 


Read more about how to redefine your company’s value proposition and ESG impact potential in our latest article, Finding Goals and Partners for Business Impact: The New Value Proposition.