USA-Made Gifts for Big Impact

July 2, 2021

July marks the zenith of the year and the full force of summer fun for many parts of the world. It’s also a reminder about our country’s challenging beginnings and growth while also celebrating the diverse communities in which we live, work, and play.

As the United States begins to tentatively re-open following the pandemic, small businesses—from new boutiques to long-standing establishments—are eager to welcome back customers and make up for the lost time. And consumers are ready for it. A survey found that nearly 70% of American consumers prefer items made in the USA because of the perception of higher quality and the direct economic impact. 

So, what is the Fourth of July without the recognition that these local businesses are a symbol of our ingenuity, perseverance, and heart? So many of our purveyors not only give back to their communities through their missions, but as small business owners diversifying and fortifying their local economies.

It’s for that reason that we’re excited to debut our two newest gifts as a tribute to those purveyors who are revitalizing and thriving in communities across the country. 

American Roots* 

One of our most striking curated gifts, American Roots, is named after a trifecta of goodies that highlight the United States’ varied and beautiful landscape. Florida-based Yaupon Brothers’ holly tea is made from real yaupon holly leaves—a native species of picturesque shrub found on the eastern seaboard and Texas. The flavor is reminiscent of the traditional green tea, with a bright and refreshing quality found only in this unique blend. Even more refreshing is the company’s commitment to supporting regenerative agriculture and indigenous communities. 

What goes with tea? Cookies. At least we believe so! In this box, you’ll also find a package of crispy, buttery, bite-size sweet toffee cookies from Feed Your Soul, a Certified Woman-Owned purveyor. Feed Your Soul nourishes their community by donating a portion of proceeds from each purchase and partners with agencies in the New York City Metropolitan area to help provide cookies and meals to those in need.

And to top the gift off: a real giant sequoia tree seedling. Supplied by The Jonsteen Company, this miniature version of the great trees of the Pacific Coast is ready to take root in a pot or yard and provide shade for years to come. Each tree purchase promotes youth education on trees and their importance in a healthy ecosystem. 

We like to think of it as a perfect gift for a long-awaited, in-person team meeting or a way to say “enjoy your summer” to employees while supporting these industries and small businesses. 

*Pre-order required and minimum quantities apply. See the order page to learn more.


All-American Delights

If you’re looking for a USA-made gift that really dazzles, then the All-American Delights bundle might be the ticket. Expertly curated to highlight purveyors from coast to coast, it’s the ideal gift to send at any time to support a wide variety of causes and entrepreneurs doing good locally.

Inside you’ll find a picnic-perfect selection of sustainably farmed potato chips, grown from five-generation potato farm SpudLove, and organic sourdough crackers flecked with sea salt from Moonshot Snacks. Both companies support sustainable and regenerative agriculture in the bountiful West Coast. Need something sweet?  RIND’s coco-melon mix picks unforgettable flavor (never had dehydrated watermelon? It’s a seriously delicious experience).

If chocolate is your happy place, the roasted hazelnut crunch dark chocolate bar from Lake Champlain Chocolates and bite-size triple-chocolate cookies from  Junita’s Jar will satisfy any sweet tooth. Even more satisfying is the impact each of these purveyors makes, from reducing food waste to ecological restoration and domestic violence prevention.

And because the only thing serious about summer should be the fun, we’ve included some entertainment for outdoor and indoor summer parties. A genuinely delightful USA-made puzzle filled with Americana imagery from New York Puzzle Company is perfect during summer storms and a travel-ready U.S.-trivia card deck from WordTeasers will entertain, educate, and start conversations long after the snacks are gone. 

Small Business, Big Impact  

All of our purveyors give back to communities around the country with each order. Without them, the country would look very different and, in our opinion, shine a bit less brightly. Consider how more impactful your dollars are to these purveyors and the effects of keeping your dollars local. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday present, a prospecting gift, or an end-of-year employee engagement campaign, small businesses are already delivering a world-class experience right in your backyard.