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Why Buying Local Builds Better Communities

June 22, 2022

Buy Local USA Made

When you think of sending a gift, how closely are you looking at its origins? As shoppers look towards fighting climate change, supporting local businesses, and finding truly unique gifts to send many are opting for buying American-made products that achieve all three goals.  


Shopping local is beneficial for many reasons, but do you know the ways it can improve your local community too? Some American companies are taking their ethical responsibility seriously by staying committed to the community cause. 


If you want to use your consumer purchasing power to better our communities at home, keep reading for the top companies to support.


Why Buying Local Is Better


Contributes Fewer Emissions


The main reason cited for choosing USA-made gifts and produce is lower CO2 emissions. Our planet is faced with an environmental crisis, and the fuel needed to ship products far and wide emits far more carbon into the atmosphere. Instead of supporting international trade routes that waste money and resources on transportation, buying local is more efficient and eco-friendly.


Take your consumer responsibility even further by choosing companies that actively reduce their carbon footprint. Jonsteen Company is committed to cultivating a culture of respect for the environment by planting trees and investing in tree education. They create products from wood, but they also sell seed germination kits to keep the world’s population of trees thriving. In addition to providing regional jobs, this educational Impact Partner teaches consumers and gift recipients about the importance of tree biodiversity and the incredible asset our national parks provide to North America. 


Woodchuck USA is another company going above and beyond, showing how one company can impact the local community and the world through USA-made products. Woodchuck is dedicated to leaving the planet in a better state than they found it,  by planting a tree for every unique, hand-crafted product sold. To date, the company has planted over 6 million trees across six different continents with a specific code on each product to allow recipients to find exactly where their tree has been planted.

“We’ve been able to provide a platform for people to make a great living and live the American dream. We’re coming to work to help make the world a better place,” says founder and CEO Ben Vandenwymelenberg. “ And how are we doing that is by planting trees and creating jobs.  It’s in our core DNA; we wanna come to work, but we also wanna feel like we’re having an impact on the planet every day.”

You can find online gift baskets (USA-made) that feature these handmade wood products in many of our personal and business gifts. 


Strengthens the Local Economy


Whenever you buy a product with a Made in the USA label, you make a small contribution to the local economy. This has a knock-on effect that supports American businesses and boosts employment rates too. More jobs means not only a thriving national economy, but supports new and expanding businesses in the community and greater opportunity to underrepresented groups. 


Lamb’s Farm, for example, provides employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities in northern Illinois.  Their programs provide people with essential skills that help them live fulfilling, productive, and rewarding lives. Through the production and sale of delicious cookies and confections, Lamb’s Farm has created a successful and sustainable social enterprise that lifts up the community in which they serve. When you buy gift baskets filled with delicious snacks made by these very people, you support this incredible cause with each purchase.


Brooklyn-based business Hella Cocktail uses a percentage of its profits to support local charity organizations. From Black Lives Matter and Color of Change to Sobering Center and Moms 4 Housing, this company is committed to taking its social responsibilities seriously. By pouring its resources into community endeavors in its own backyard, it actively supports racial equality endeavors and more. Choose to support transformative companies like these to not only provide a unique gift to your recipient but be part of the revitalization and prosperity for local communities. 


USA-Made Gift Boxes Made Easy 

You can support these companies while fulfilling your gift box needs to boost employee appreciation, client relationships, and holiday gifting while doing good for communities around the country. Nearly 97% of our Impact Partners operate from the USA, while supporting sustainable manufacturing, youth advancement, women’s empowerment and so much more.  Whether you’re searching for personal or business gifts, a USA- made gift box can do more than making a worker smile – it could provide employment and support equality projects, too.

You can support small businesses and family-owned corporations, avoid shipping delays, and reduce your gifts carbon footprint with your gift purchase. Browse our gifts to get started or contact our gift concierge to learn how your company can keep your gifts local, sustainable, and socially impactful.