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How to Show Appreciation for Workplace Leaders and Rising Talent

December 20, 2021

showing appreciation through business gifts

As industries continue to recover from months of uncertainty, workforce development has taken on a new meaning.  

The offer of competitive wages and benefits may pique employee interest, but to keep a workforce consistently engaged and thoroughly productive, corporations will need to examine their company culture and determine how it can better reflect a shared purpose. If employees understand that their work contributes to a larger, impactful mission, they’ll be more likely to find passion and purpose in their day-to-day work.


Employees Work, Allies Strive

When looking for ways to engage employees, a clear statement of the company’s mission and values is often the starting point. A shared purpose can ingratiate workers into your company culture and keep everyone invested in moving the brand forward.

Make it clear that your mission isn’t just a poster on the wall; live your mission and lead by example. If you can motivate employees to set higher standards for themselves, you’ll be able to propel them along with your company’s growth.


Commit to Empathetic Solutions

By giving employees a collective voice and allowing them to advocate for their own wellbeing, you convey your appreciation and push for purpose-driven success. Providing opportunities for employees to get personally connected to your corporate mission can drive home your foundational principles and create a more cohesive, empathetic workforce.

Business goals and company culture should be inseparable — one always supporting the other — even as you open your brand to new perspectives and opportunities. Take the time to sit with your workforce and talk through your business, ethical, and social expectations. Bringing new allies into the fold doesn’t end with the signing of an employment contract. Instead, live out your values and invite new hires to join you in fulfilling your company’s vision.

Engagement fosters loyalty and respect, cultivating professional and personal growth every step of the way. Give yourself the chance to share your purpose with your employees. You’ll never know how much you can grow until you allow your employees to flourish alongside you.