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Packed with Purpose Celebrates 5 Years of Emboldening Corporate America to Gift Better

September 9, 2022

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The first-of-its-kind gifting company pioneered a new style of distinctively curated, impact-driven gift boxes that disrupted the corporate gifting market.



CHICAGO, Illinois – Chicago-based Packed with Purpose celebrates five years of amplifying social and environmental impact today through its distinctly curated corporate gifts, with the launch of a new Brand Anthem video.

Packed with Purpose was born out of a desire to merge the twin strategies of the amplification of corporate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governmental) goals with the use of corporate gifting for engagement and appreciation of employees, clients and prospects.

“While working as a Corporate Social Responsibility advisor, helping companies invest millions of dollars on social impact strategies, I became aware of the abundance of corporate gifts around company offices,” said Leeatt Rothschild. “There was this enormous disconnect between a company’s desire to showcase their corporate values and the more tangible act of gift giving.” 

The corporate gifting market has grown exponentially in recent years to an estimated $242B, further accelerated by changing dynamics in the workplace after the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. With business trends favoring hybrid conferences and client meetings as well as an intensified focus on employee well-being and an eye toward talent retention, gifting has become a must-have tool in any company’s engagement strategy.  

Packed with Purpose’s revenue growth (+4,262%) has mirrored the market, while additionally capitalizing on the growth of company ESG, DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals. It boasts a roster of over 140 Impact Partners (product suppliers), over 16,000 clients and customers, and a positive impact on more than 750,000 lives across 33 states and 16 countries. 

Packed with Purpose stands out from the corporate gifting trend through its deep focus on–and relationship with– its Impact Partners, an array of mission-led suppliers driven by impact. 

“We are committed to helping our Impact Partners grow because when they grow, together we double down on doing good,” explained Ms. Rothschild. “Whether it’s partnering on product development or supporting shipping and logistical efficiencies, our goal is to amplify the social and environmental impact of our partners. I am so proud that we can be at the nexus of our clients’ needs and our partners’ missions.”

On the precipice of its 5th holiday gifting season, Packed with Purpose regularly receives recognition and accolades on its transformational growth. It has ranked in the top 500 of the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America for two years in a row, is a certified WBENC business, and is a Momentum Award finalist in the 1871 Chicago Momentum Awards, presented to a growing company with the strongest potential to emerge as a leader in its market.

“No two years have been the same, and we continue to adapt to the needs of our clients” Ms. Rothschild reflects, “I am humbled and excited to bring even more impact to life over the next 5 years; both for our team, because it fuels our daily purpose and to our clients and gift recipients, because that’s what inspires them too.” 

You can learn more about Packed with Purpose and select your own gifts with impact at packedwithpurpose.gifts.

About Packed with Purpose: Packed with Purpose is a Certified Woman-Owned business that embeds social and environmental impact into the everyday act of gift giving. These distinctly curated gift boxes source products from over 144 purpose-driven organizations that transform more than 750,000 lives, resulting in a unique gifting experience that is as inspiring as it is impressive. Strengthen relationships with clients, employees, or friends with gifts for every budget or occasion through seamless ordering, branding and customization. Discover why the nation’s leading brands choose to send gifts that are Packed with Purpose. Amplify your impact today.