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5 Gifts to Celebrate Summer with Your Employees

June 13, 2022

Appreciating employees during summer

It’s summertime. Spirits are high, and vacations are on the horizon.  But with summer comes a tricky balance for your employees: How do they find the time to spend extra time with their kids or friends, enjoy the beautiful weather, or otherwise relax?  If you’re seeing your employees struggling to balance their work with summer fun and recharging, it’s time to step in. 

When you show your appreciation to your employees through recognition at work, they will be sure to go the extra mile for you in the future. Summer interns who enjoy work perks will be keen to return to your business, and long-term members of your team will appreciate the company culture of generosity and flexibility.

Summer Employee Recognition For a Happier Team

If you haven’t done so in a while, now is a great time to show your gratitude for your employee’s hard work.  Consistent recognition is part of establishing a healthy and desirable company culture and is proven to increase retention rates and employee satisfaction. One of the most popular employee recognition ideas is a summer work policy that offers perks such as a free lunch, Fridays off, or one day working from home. 

The best way to recognize employees is with something that will put a smile on their faces while acknowledging the hard work they put in to keep your business running smoothly. Thoughtful work perks like a summer work policy give the gift of time to both summer interns and long-term workers alike, boosting morale and positive summer vibes. And personalized gifts are a no-brainer! Take the time to ask your employees what perks and benefits would help them unwind and recharge during the summer months to create an internal company culture that reflects and supports your employees’ needs.

The Best Employee Gifts for Summer

Some businesses thrive in the summer months, so offering workers extra time off isn’t feasible. Others simply can’t afford to relax their working schedule during summer. So, how do you recognize employees on a budget? Small and thoughtful gifts can do wonders to boost morale, especially during summer. 


Seeking inspiration? Try one of these five celebratory gift ideas!



Encourage Outdoor Adventures

What is summer if not an opportunity to relax, unwind, and take advantage of great weather? From the leisurely outside lunch to bonding over campfire s’mores,  the best summer gift not only incentivizes a break–it shows your employees you value the time it takes them to recharge. Whether it’s additional time off to spend with family and friends or providing the makings of their own outdoor oasis, they’ll appreciate that you recognized the importance of a break. 


Shake a Cocktail at Home

Encourage them to relax and unwind with a cocktail in their hand with this mixologist-approved drinks kit. The Cheers To You set is a premium gift for employees with a cocktail shaker, illustrated recipe book, grenadine, and ginger syrup included! If you have a summer bonus to share with your workers, this is a thoughtful gift that helps them embrace their holiday mode, while supporting sustainability efforts, women-owned businesses and providing clean and safe drinking water to vulnerable communities. 


Family Fun Game Night 

The best employee recognition ideas for the summer boost employee engagement by sharing joy and celebration. Fun ways to recognize employees give them something exciting to look forward to, like a bonding game night with the family ,or fun-filled trivia and treats for summer road trips. These gifts are perfect for parents who want to spend more time with their kids over the summer holidays, providing hours of entertainment and fond memories for all!

Care Packages

Thoughtful and Functional

For summer interns or new summer associates, welcome them to the team or thank them for their contributions with a brandable notebook set. They’ll remember your kind gesture for months and months, every time they jot down an idea or sketch out a plan in this recycled vinyl record notebook. And, the mouth-watering potato chip snacks and cookies included will provide that much-needed instant enjoyment.  What’s even better is that this gift checks all boxes for a gluten-free, kosher, nut-free, and vegan gift that is sure to delight. 


 Snacks for Everyone

Put a smile on your team’s face with tasty, summery snacks. Whether you make it a regular occurrence like treats on Tuesday or choose to keep it as a random morale-boosting surprise, a spread of popsicles, fresh watermelon, and ice cream will delight and refresh. Bringing a taste of vacation into the office with delicious food that everyone can enjoy helps build camaraderie and provides a welcome break to summer workdays. 

But how do you recognize employees who have dietary restrictions or enjoy wholesome goodies? This well-priced healthy snack gift set is perfect for businesses on a budget who want to appeal to everyone. Filled with delicious, whole-ingredient noshes, they will enjoy each bite while simultaneously supporting employment for displaced refugees, alleviating food insecurity, and more. 

Need more ideas? 

We’re here to help. If you’re dreaming of providing summer fun to employees or recognition year-round, you’ve come to the right place! From skillfully curated care packages to highly-customized gifts, our gift concierge can help you get started on a seamless employee gifting solution that fits your budget, showcases your company values, and delights your employees year-round.