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Celebrate AAPI Month and Support These 6 AAPI Impact Partners

May 20, 2022

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May marks the celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Initially introduced as a week-long recognition, it was made an official month-long observation in 2009 and was chosen to mark the arrival of the first Japanese immigrant to the U.S. and the completion of the transcontinental road by Chinese immigrants.

Here at Packed with Purpose, we are proud to work with AAPI businesses to deliver gifts that create a positive societal impact. In recognition of their incredible contributions, here are some unique gift boxes that support our AAPI Impact Partners and give back to the community.


Love + Chew

Founded by Lauren Chew,  Love + Chew offers a fresh, vegan, and chewy superfood-based banana bread cookie while creating a meaningful impact. They donate a portion of proceeds to partner organization, Oasis for Girls, supporting extracurricular activities, mentorship, and internships for girls ages 14-18 in marginalized and low-income communities. Love + Chew promotes community involvement which is a prime example of AAPI values of collaboration and diversity in action. 


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Sutter Buttes Olive Oil Co

Sutter Buttes Olive Oil Co, founded by Alka Kumar and Arek Kazmierczak, produces an exceptional array of olive oil products and advocates for healthier, cleaner eating.  California grown and owned, they pride themselves  with being gourmet and environmentally sustainable, by locally sourcing raw ingredients to make Sutter Butttes Olive Oil Co a unique find.  


Big Heart Tea Co. 

Tea is a huge part of Asian culture, with a wide variety of blends and wellness properties. Big Heart Tea Co. founder Lisa Govro commits to paying tea farmers in India and Japan directly for their high quality sourcing. Through its personal relationship with sustainable tea farmers, Big Heart Tea seeks to provide consumers with the healing properties of premium tea as well as reshaping the tea supply chain to benefit suppliers and the environment. 


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Green Mustache


VanTrang Manges founded Green Mustache on her mission to make healthy eating desirable and approachable for even the pickiest of children and adults. Green Mustache wants everyone to incorporate greens and healthy vitamins into their diets while–accommodating gluten and dairy restrictions– in a deliciously accessible way. Noting that plant based diets reduce risks for other diseases, Green Mustache is definitely on path for setting healthy snacking as standard. 


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Former Olympic trials Swimmer, Erica Liu Williams started Gr8nola with the healthy and holistic mindset of providing superfood granola for the greater good. With health and fitness at the center of her high standards, Erica set out to make her line of granola without GMO vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners, flour, or processed foods to make it simple and tasty for everyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Gr8nola also donates 8% of its proceeds to Girl Up as a way to empower young girls and fight against gender inequality.  


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AAPI-Owned Businesses Making Impact


Our AAPI Impact Partners proudly create high-quality and delicious products that promote real change and innovation within the snack industry. Even more special is their unique impact and stories that add to the rich diversity AAPI business owners give to our economy and communities.

Their collaborative and purposeful companies champion sustainability, community and innovation while providing numerous benefits for the planet and the people that call it home. We’re proud to partner with these businesses year-round to amplify their incredible contributions.