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Celebrating Admin Appreciation Day with Purpose

March 25, 2022

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Your office may call them an administrator, coordinator, assistant, or business manager, but you may know them as the backbone of the business. They are behind-the-scenes heroes who set schedules, order supplies and keep presentations polished. Without them, the organization will not function.

As the front-line facing persona of a company, administrative professionals hold an unshakeable attitude of professionalism, hospitality, and productivity. In addition, great admins have an innate, almost magical, ability to anticipate needs and effortlessly coordinate pieces into place without breaking a sweat.

Administrative Professionals’ Day, celebrated every April, was established to recognize these individuals’ unique and critical roles in moving the business forward. And as companies grow and change, more professionals fall under this umbrella term. Since these collaborators play such a significant role in your company’s success, how can you appropriately acknowledge their contributions, give meaningful recognition, and ensure they stay for the long haul? Here are our suggestions on supporting your team and giving an admin appreciation gift they’ll remember all year long. 


Recognize and encourage admin growth

The job responsibilities of administrative assistants and coordinators have evolved quickly over the last decade. Administrative assistants and administrative coordinators must self-adjust their roles, especially as business and workforce demand change. In the past few years, many admins have worked harder than ever to run offices that ceased to exist physically or upskilling in cost, health, and safety management to remain competitive and adapt quickly to changing needs. 

Especially over the last few years, due to increased hybrid/remote work, company restructures, or growth, your admins may have taken on new responsibilities and challenges that would have otherwise been out of reach or years away. Due to pandemic stressors, much of the corporate world needed to pivot countless times to stay afloat. As a result, administrative professionals often stepped into managing the responsibility of brand advocacy, contingency, physical safety, and emergency planning.

Now would be a great time to check in on your admin team and consider their career paths, goals, and aspirations to see how you can support their growth. 


Generate an admin-appreciative environment

Even with a multitude of communication channels in reach, we often fall short of consistently recognizing quality work. Administrative assistants are often tasked with various work that rarely gets noticed, even though their function is vital to an organization’s day-to-day operations. Implementing intrinsic motivation in communication can uplift employee creativity and create a purpose-driven environment with loyalty, higher engagement, and work-life satisfaction. 

However, administrative staff members are one of the best resources to tap when looking to make internal changes, as they often touch many different aspects of an organization. By bringing them into the fold of decision-making and integrating their perspectives into organizational change, you show genuine gratitude and appreciation for their skill.

And, when leadership commits to leading by example and creating an environment that encourages gratitude, everyone feels the effects. Take a few minutes (like right now! As you’re reading this blog) to email or message your admin staff to say, “I genuinely appreciate your hard work,” which is enough to make anyone’s day. 


Make your Admin appreciation day gifts meaningful 

Administrative professionals deserve to be recognized year-round. But Administrative Professionals Day is an important reminder to send that gratitude here and now. Moreover, because admins are usually the orchestrators in company-wide appreciation initiatives, it’s a perfect opportunity to surprise them with a thoughtful expression of thanks. 

  • Write a handwritten admin appreciation day thank you note congratulating their success and effort towards the organization
  • Make it a point to recognize and celebrate the contributions of your administrative professional in an internal-facing way as part of staff meetings or company-wide announcements 
  • Grant bonus time off to spend with their friends or family (or however they wish) to acknowledge that your admin’s hard work affords the team the same privilege 

Admin Appreciation Gift Ideas

Of course, nothing beats the joy of opening a gift of appreciation. So if you are searching for the perfect tangible administrative professional gift to send ahead of Administrative Professionals Day, consider sending a gift that not only pampers and treats them but also gives back to the community in a meaningful way:

Anytime Employee Appreciation is our aptly-named curation of delicious snacks and treats perfect for surprising your admin at their desk or front doorstep. 

If your admin works remotely (or considers their desk a second home), the Desk Refresh is the ideal gift to remind them of your gratitude no matter where they choose to work.

The Something for Everyone gift is sized and packed perfectly for sharing if you want to treat the whole team. With an abundant variety of healthy and decadent snacks, each one of your team members will find something to enjoy while feeling appreciated.

Whatever way you decide to recognize the administrative professional on your team, be sure to be genuine and thankful. Take the time to show them that they are an indispensable and crucial part of your organization’s success. They are worth it.