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How We Make a Difference to Underresourced Communities with Every Sale

February 14, 2022

NADI employees posing together

At Packed with Purpose, every aspect of our corporate gifting service is tailored to make a difference and create measurable, lasting, positive change in our Impact Partners’ communities. While slowed supply chains and other pandemic-driven hardships have exacerbated the racial wealth gap, we’re working with diverse-owned businesses across the country to help them thrive. 

Every gift box ordered from our curated collection is another step toward a stronger community for our Impact Partners across the world. But how can we tell whether or not we’ve made an impact?


Widening Our Impact Areas


To start, we need to determine what we’re trying to accomplish. Specifically, we define our capacity for positive change by evaluating six key impact areas:

  • Sustainability & Environment: Efforts towards recyclable packaging, reduction in landfill waste, ethical sourcing, and sustainable, regenerative farming practices ensure that our Impact Partners’ environmental footprints stay small without compromising on quality. 
  • Workforce Development: Revenue generated from gift box sales allows our Impact Partners to enhance their vocational training opportunities, providing meaningful, impactful employment for adults with disabilities, the formerly incarcerated, those who are affected by generational poverty, and those who face other barriers to employment. 
  • Women’s Empowerment: Our partnerships help provide professional and personal development opportunities to women in need of a second chance, safe housing for young mothers and their children, and education on preventing relationship violence.
  • Youth Development: A wide selection of our Impact Partners provide artistic opportunities, skill development, and educational enrichment for youth in underresourced communities, passing along the values of our Impact Partners from generation to generation. 
  • Health & Well-Being: Our focus on cultivating health-focused goods helps fund a myriad of initiatives that keep a community healthy and thriving, like cancer screening and program funding, nutrition and healthy living education, and animal welfare. 
  • Diverse & Women-Owned: Our most recent impact area addition helps amplify the voices and achievements of AAPI, Black, Latino/a, LGBTQIA+, Veteran, Women, and family-owned businesses, giving them the room to thrive in a highly competitive marketplace. 


Each of these impact areas reflect a positive, tangible change that we amplify alongside our Impact Partners, from providing over 115,000 hours of workforce development to local businesses to employing and empowering 58,000 women worldwide just last year. While 2021 was a benchmark year for Packed with Purpose and our Impact Partners, with your continued support we know that we can reach even higher in 2022.


Keeping Our Impact Positive


It’s long been our position that companies that have a solid mission to support the communities in which they operate produce the highest-impact products, so we’ve made it our business to seek them out and offer a hand. 

As thought leaders in corporate giving, we have continued to ensure that our partnered businesses are perfectly positioned to make critical, lasting impacts. Each prospective Impact Partner is vetted to ensure that every order will support local businesses looking to make a difference in their communities. 

Our Impact Partners, like all businesses, have worked hard to weather the pandemic and keep afloat in uncertain times. In an increasingly online marketplace, some have been unable to invest in their online presence. Thus, at Packed with Purpose, one of our main jobs is to put Impact Partner products in front of previously inaccessible customer markets, giving them the opportunity to thrive. We work to help each and every Impact Partner communicate their story through our own channels, helping expand their customer network and keeping vital lines of business alive in lean times. 


Shop Locally Around the World


Through our wide selection of corporate gift boxes, you’ll be able to ring in any special occasion (or liven up an otherwise average day) with curated sets of artisanal goods from any number of Impact Partners, including NADI, Thistle Farms, and Moonshot Snacks. Let’s examine these three businesses to better understand the effect your patronage has had in the past year.


  • NADI, a women-owned Atlanta business that creates jobs and economic opportunities for displaced refugees in the country of Georgia, has grown its workforce to meet new orders. “I don’t think I will ever be able to express how thankful I am and how much this meant for our team and for the refugees who we were able to hire just for your large order this fall, [and] who are now able to keep each of those jobs,” says CEO and Founder Nina Tickaradze.

  • Thistle Farms, a healing sanctuary in Nashville that empowers survivors of abuse, addiction, trafficking and prostitution, has provided 108,384 hours of gainful employment, offered 6,900 nights of safe, supportive housing, and reunited five women with their children in 2021 alone.

  • Moonshot Snacks, a Black and women-owned business based in San Francisco, has maintained its carbon-neutral manufacturing practices by growing its wheat only 2 miles from the mill where it is ground into flour. This locally-sourced wheat travels only 85 miles to the mill in which it is transformed into a host of delicious, climate-friendly snacks.


These are only a few of the stories that we’ve helped to tell. Each of our Impact Partners is a gateway to greater change. Our Impact Partners network stretches across 33 states and 16 countries, making every gift box a collaboration of positive social change that touches hundreds of thousands of lives

By focusing on our six impact areas and partnering with companies that strive to make a difference, customers can take pride in their purchase. Meanwhile, our Impact Partners can take advantage of a wider customer base to make their visions a reality.

Read our 2021 Impact Report for more examples of how we’ve helped Impact Partners support their missions for positive social and environmental change.