Purposeful Gift Giving

November 16, 2017

Your company can make a difference this year by giving gifts that make an impact

Giving back to your community is a wonderful way to bring meaning to your workplace year-round. The holidays are a special time of generosity, gratitude and joy. To promote these values within your company and beyond this holiday season, choose gifts for your professional contacts that will leave a lasting impact on the world around us.

Here are three ideas for building meaningful giving into your office culture:

Volunteer as a group to give back

In addition to time off reserved for celebrations with family, choose a day to close the office and organize a day of community service for your team. Find organizations whose needs match the skills and resources you have to offer. You may be able to connect with individuals in your area who could benefit from job training, skill development, workshops on financial literacy and or other opportunities for personal growth. Don’t forget to reach out to the people within your company for guidance: your colleagues may be involved with local organizations as volunteers or board members, and supporting their efforts will have extra meaning for members of your team.

Say thank you — and more

Businesses often give gifts during the holidays to say thank you to clients, colleagues and partners who’ve helped them grow. That gesture sends an important message, but the gift itself can have even more impact if you give something that empowers meaningful change. At Packed with Purpose, we curate artisanal products from altruistic organizations to create gift boxes that give back. Whether you’re gifting your employees an energy-boosting gift that features Aspire Coffee roasted by adults with disabilities, or bundling honey harvested by ex-offenders with a custom honey-dipper carved from reclaimed building materials, you’ll know that every product in each gift box you buy is directly contributing to positive social change.

You can even add a logo or branded thank-you card (made by youth in free visual arts classes!) to further align your company with a commitment to doing good.

Center your business principles on philanthropy

Feel good about the work you do by centering your company values on generosity. Supporting causes that are meaningful is rewarding for your colleagues and your community. Philanthropy places emphasis on what’s most important: helping those in need. You can affect positive change year-round by taking small steps that have a big impact. Establish a food or clothing drive, an ongoing volunteer program, a special philanthropy committee, or a day off for employees to plan acts of service. Make it a year-round commitment that starts with sending a strong message this holiday season, and weave the giving spirit into the fabric of your everyday workplace culture.

Is your company exemplary at giving back? Email us with your story for a chance to be featured on our blog in 2018.

Happy Giving!