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10% Off Your First Order with Code FIRST10. Shop Now

What We Are Grateful For This Holiday Season

November 26, 2019

Thanksgiving is here and we know that this time of year can feel overwhelming. Work is busier than ever, traveling for the holidays is stressful, and it is easy to lose sight of what truly matters. We are taking the time now to pause and express gratitude for what we are grateful for this holiday season.

Being present and appreciating the seemingly simple things in life. Last week the Packed with Purpose team engaged in a gratitude-focused meditation, and discovered that even 15 minutes to breathe and reflect can be valuable, and remind us of the reasons why we do this work. We feel thankful for the things that we often take for granted: the roofs over our heads, the warm foods that nourish us, and the people who show us love, care, and respect. And of course, we give thanks for the ability and resources to give back to our communities and those in need.

Our Purposeful Purveyors and their incredible impact. Our Purposeful Purveyors are much more than suppliers, they are valued partners. We are proud to support nearly 150 social enterprises, nonprofits, and ethical companies. Like Together We Bake in Alexandria, Virginia: an organization providing low-income women with job training, self-confidence, and a path to employment. TWB just celebrated their fall 2019 graduating class of eight empowered women. 

Or MiiR in Seattle, Washington: a certified B-Corp providing clean water and supporting sustainability efforts in over 25 countries worldwide. These innovative and inspiring partners are part of our Packed with Purpose family, and they make our work possible. We quite literally could not do what we do without them.

Client feedback that makes us smile, and helps us grow. We also could not create an impact without YOU. When clients and recipients take the time to share meaningful feedback with us, we take it to heart. From positive comments on our gift box designs to thoughtful recommendations for new impact areas, we appreciate your responses. Your words help us strive to be the best we can be. We handpicked a few of our favorites that brought smiles to our faces:

“We loved reading about the great organizations and people behind all the treats.”

“The impact made behind every gift is awesome and I feel it is truly aligned with my values.”

“I am dancing in my chair. It is beautifully packaged. Thank you.”

Friends and loved ones who bring us joy. This Thanksgiving we are grateful for meaningful conversations with relatives we don’t often see, never-ending laughter with lifelong friends who feel like family, and reminiscing about memories of years past. Whoever is around your holiday table this year, we hope you have time to be present and enjoy time with family and friends.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving filled with all the things that make you feel grateful and grounded.

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