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3 Ways to Make the Most out of Women’s History Month this March

February 8, 2023

A view of some of the Impact Partners featured during Women's History Month

All the ways to celebrate, educate and engage with Women’s History Month 2023

Did you know that only one in four C-suite leaders is a woman, and only one in 20 is a woman of color? Or that women earned an estimated 82 cents for every dollar that men earned in 2022? Or, that women leaders are leaving their companies at the highest rate ever, and the gap between women and men in senior roles quitting their jobs is the largest it’s ever been? 

Women’s History Month provides an opportunity for any business to honor, acknowledge and raise awareness of women’s impact. In 2023, when data shows the importance of acknowledging women in the workplace and the gaps that still remain – this year’s celebration is more important than ever. Whether you recognize the talented women within your company or celebrate with women clients – March is an excellent time to recognize the women in your working world. (In addition to Women’s History Month, March also includes International Women’s Day on March 8, aligned on the following actions: Celebrate women’s achievement; Raise awareness about discrimination; Take action to drive gender parity.)

As a certified Women-owned business, elevating, amplifying and investing in women has been integral to Packed with Purpose’s success and mission. Over 50% of our 140+ Impact Partners, our purpose-driven product suppliers, are owned or founded by women and Women’s Empowerment is one of our 6 featured Impact Areas found in our gifts.

This March, we recommend you recognize these important events by either celebrating, educating or engaging. Whether you host a women-led senior leaders round table or bring in a speaker – there are multiple ways to honor Women’s History Month in your office and Packed with Purpose can help. 

  • Celebrate. This is your opportunity to recognize and reward the talented women you work with. Some organizations have annual awards like “Women to Watch” or “Woman Leader of the Year” that are formalized paths to celebration. Or, often ERG’s (Employee Resource Groups) host luncheons or other get-togethers as a form of celebration. You can stand out from the crowd by sending one of our four expertly crafted Women’s History Month gift curations (A Taste of Women’s History Month, Make Them Smile, Women’s Empowerment Essentials, and Relax and Recharge) that invest in women-owned businesses, support fair wages, empower women to break the cycle of homelessness, and much more.


  • Educate. You can elevate your celebrations by adding in thoughtful events or resources that educate and promote dialogue on women’s issues and provide historical context. This year’s Women’s History Month theme is “Celebrating Women who Tell our Stories,” (a focus on women throughout history and today in media or storytelling) and you can find a number of resources for this theme by visiting the National Women’s History Alliance webpage. For something more applicable to the working world, check out this conversation recorded as part of Packed with Purpose’s 2022 “Empowered & Inspired: Conversations in Celebration of Women’s History Month” discussion series. This insightful conversation features Karen Blackwell, founder and CEO of Kanda Chocolates, and Abigail Wald, founder of YES bar, as they discuss their entrepreneurial beginnings, their unforeseen challenges, and how social impact fuels their accomplishments and future aspirations.


  • Engage. You can also emphasize activities that engage your colleagues or clients. For example, as part of Women’s History Month you could feature prominent women with whom you partner, or your own women leaders on social media, blog or email as spotlight stories across the month. You can encourage dialogue internally by hosting round table discussion events – and you could even share those externally as another way to raise awareness. Packed with Purpose is also offering a special promotional package for March: Delightful Gifts + Dialogue Package. Our Gift Concierge Team will work with you on a bundle that includes gifts for your team and a talk or discussion featuring Packed with Purpose Founder and CEO, Leeatt Rothschild (frequent speaker on topics such as embedding purpose into business, the importance of language as a form of impact and perspectives on being a woman entrepreneur) and one of our Impact Partners who can speak directly to the impact that your gifts have made for women in communities far and wide.

There are many more ways to put Women’s History Month into action beyond the above, but hopefully this list gives you a good start. If Packed with Purpose can help you amplify and elevate any of your activities, our Gift Concierge Team is here to help. Let us know how we can create a memorable, educational, engaging and celebratory experience for your company.