Purposeful Purveyors

Our Purposeful Purveyors have been handpicked just for you, representing high quality companies that create the utmost social impact.
We know you’ll fall in love with these amazing organizations and their stories as much as we have.

Creating opportunities for indiviuals with disabilities through coffee production

Organic and direct trade snacks that create new job opportunities in Uganda


Providing employment opportunities to domestic sex trafficking survivors

Supporting economic development in Uganda and India

Providing employment to formerly incarcerated individuals through the art of honey production

Crafting award-winning goat milk caramels on an Animal-Welfare-Approved farm

Allergen-free so anybody can eat these delicious snacks and bars

Baking a better future for at-risk youth

Helping homeless animals while making delicious savory and sweet nuts

Lighting the way to brighter futures for young moms

Handcrafted goods that support sustainable farming practices

Artisanal chocolates helping young people overcome barriers to employment

Supporting youth arts and entrepreneurship programs since 2003

Funding the building of schools around the world through one-of-a-kind notebooks

Developing youth leadership through the business of food

Dick Taylor Chocolate

Handcrafted chocolate that provides sustainable income to growers

Divine Chocolate

A fairtrade certified business improving the lives of farmers in Ghana

Protecting the fundamental human right to clean water

Supporting education for children in tribal areas of India

Jewelry and accessories that empower women around the globe

Where kid's style and sustainability meet

Friendship Bakery

Giving high school graduates with disabilities the opportunity to develop vocational skills

Employing and empowering individuals on the Autism spectrum

Glee Gum

Sustainably made chewing gum that helps replant the rainforest  

Griff's Toffee

Delicious handmade toffee that funds ovarian cancer screening with each purchase

Empowering individuals on the road to self-sufficiency

Bringing about sustainable development through design, training and job creation

Beautifully-designed and delicious chocolate that preserves the rainforest

Crafting small batch, freshly milled heritage grains

Elevating fair trade, sustainable practices through handcrafted artisanal jams


Indulgent chocolate that fights hunger through donations to food banks in Washington state


These luxurious products bring comfort and support to cancer patients

Handmade confections crafted with local Midwestern and fair-trade ingredients


Environmentally responsible and fair trade chocolate

Helping people with developmental disabilities lead productive, happy lives


A women owned operation that uses all-natural and locally sourced ingredients

Trading fairly and directly with small-scale producers in developing countries

Supporting anti-hunger and food education programs

Lovely Candy

All-natural, gluten free, and kosher confections that all can enjoy


Quality audio products that give the gift of sound to the hearing impaired


Decadent, fair trade cocoa that gives back to the community where it’s grown

Magnolia Screen Printing

Artistic screen printing that provides job training and empowerment for young people on the south side of Chicago


Transparent investments in nonprofits that address water, health, and food sustainability with each product sold

My Cup of Tea

Assisting women through vocational training, GED preparation, computer literacy, employment, and emotional support


Employing people with autism and using sustainable business practices to make high quality, handmade leather and wood products

Out of the Blue Granola

Providing a path to recovery for women struggling with addiction and abuse

Peaceful Fruits

Sustaining the Amazon rainforest and employing people with developmental disabilities

Producing the best that local bees, fruits and farmers have to offer

Employs women in Bangladesh, making handmade, all-natural baby products

Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn

Handcrafted popcorn with simple and natural ingredients

Sustainably produced, high quality organic crackers

Creating jobs and supporting trauma recovery, through glassmaking, for youth affected by gun violence

Reclaiming raw materials; rebuilding lives

Creating eco-friendly paper products by using 100% reclaimed paper


Repurposing discarded wine bottles into beautiful and functional products

Serving the needs of those whose lives have been impacted by gang involvement


Supporting marine agencies with the proceeds of each towel sold

Opening doors to exciting, entrepreneurial futures for today's youth

Catalyzing rural economic development in Afghanistan through farmed saffron

Crafting small batch baked goods using organic ingredients

Supporting fair trade, environmental sustainability, and conscious consumerism

Women-led company creating unique USA made products with sustainable cotton

Handcrafted products that support artisan communities around the world

Helping to bring safe drinking water to millions without access to it

Crafting delightful decadence with a healthy, socially conscious twist

Organic, fair trade snacks that care for the planet with compostable packaging and donations to environmental non-profits

Hand-crafted textiles that build strong communities

Supporting USDA organic production and fair trade wages while funding clean water aid

Advocating for humane working conditions worldwide and creating opportunities to alleviate poverty

Supporting American ingenuity and sustainable domestic manufacturing

Tea and tea-products that drive wellness

Fueling your day and economic growth in urban communities

Providing life-saving nutrition to children in need around the world

Crafting great products that empower women toward stability

Offering second chances to those who need them most

Kosher mints that are free of gluten, nuts, and those hard to pronounce ingredients

Providing opportunities for creativity, self-expression and achievement for adults with intellectual disabilities

Well designed and environmentally conscious reusable products.

Incorporating environmentally-friendly manufacturing and driving positive change by giving back

Supporting clean water and sanitation projects in developing countries

Propelling young female entrepreneurs through chocolate

Growing workplace skills and all-natural, gourmet food goodness

Building a community to reforest the world

Supporting strong, economically-empowered women

Southern-inspired goods doing good

Fostering creativity and community among young artists

Creative tools that help students unlock their potential

Promoting community for those with disabilities through the joy of cooking