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Purposeful Purveyors

Our Purposeful Purveyors have been handpicked just for you, representing high quality companies that create the utmost social impact.
We know you’ll fall in love with these amazing organizations and their stories as much as we have.

Creating opportunities for indiviuals with disabilities through coffee production

Providing employment to formerly incarcerated individuals through the art of honey production

Baking a better future for at-risk youth

Lighting the way to brighter futures for young moms

Handcrafted goods that support sustainable farming practices

Delicious cookies that create economic opportunity

Developing youth leadership through the business of food

Jewelry and accessories that empower women around the globe

Where kid's style and sustainability meet

Baking one's way to a more secure career and life

Empowering individuals on the road to self-sufficiency

Beautifully-designed and delicious chocolate that preserves the rainforest

Elevating fair trade, sustainable practices through handcrafted artisanal jams

Helping underserved students pursue their passion for art

Producing the best that local bees, fruits and farmers have to offer

Reclaiming raw materials; rebuilding lives

Opening doors to exciting, entrepreneurial futures for today's youth

Crafting delightful decadence with a healthy, socially conscious twist

Hand-crafted textiles that build strong communities

Tea and tea-products that drive wellness

Fueling your day and economic growth in urban communities

Inspiring imagination for kids, and kids-at-heart

Crafting great products that empower women toward stability

Offering second chances to those who need them most

Growing workplace skills and all-natural, gourmet food goodness

Supporting strong, economically-empowered women

Southern-inspired goods doing good

Fostering creativity and community among young artists

Creative tools that help students unlock their potential

Promoting community for those with disabilities through the joy of cooking

Providing employment to adults with special needs

Handmade confections crafted with local Midwestern and fair-trade ingredients

Business gifts with social impact

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